Think about buying American

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By The Staff

After the trauma subsided over our decision to accept the offer of the O'Brien Team for our 78-year-old family business [Pearce Motors], I began to think about the future of American manufacturing in general and the three remaining American car manufacturers in particular.

The commercial aircraft industry is about the only segment the United States still dominates - and that is being threatened by highly government-subsidized German and Chinese entries. Our Big Three automakers have made a lot of mistakes over the years. That's what happens when one gets complacent. Those days are over. Americans always rise to the level of the competition. We are the best of the best when we have to be.

Example: the most recent survey by J.D. Powers on initial quality shows only made-in-Japan Lexus ahead of Ford's Mercury division... and at about half the price.

I challenge anyone who is in the market for a new vehicle to test drive a comparable American product. Of course, I'm prejudiced because of heritage, and because of the men and women who work at Ford. Their local suppliers contribute so much to our local economy and tax revenue. Think about it.

Bob Pearce