Teams advance to elementary Governor's Cup

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By The Staff

The District Governor's Cup elementary competition took place at Simpsonville Elementary and at St. Aloysius in Oldham County March 1.

Wright Elementary came in first place overall at Simpsonville; Painted Stone came in first place overall in Oldham County. Both teams will advance to Regionals March 22 in Oldham County, along with various students and teams from the county for individual efforts.

Wright Elementary

The Quick Recall Team was undefeated, which gave them first place in Quick Recall and remain undefeated -- Abby Betts, Mason Daugherty, Luke Dove, Lloyd Janes, Will Janes, Eric Lewis, Emma Saarinen, Jimmy Wellman; The Future Problem Solving Team tied for first place with Heritage Elementary: Abby Betts, Madelyn Bottom, William Cook, Emma Saarinen

Individual students took home medals for placing in the written assessment: Mathematics -- Mason Daughtery, fifth place; Social Studies -- Kyle Cannon first place; Science -- Jimmy Wellman, third place; Language Arts -- Mason Daughtery, first place and Emma Saarinen fifth place; Composition -- Jimmy Wellman, second place; Arts & Humanities -- William Janes, third place

Painted Stone

Individuals who qualified for Regional competition: Quick Recall Team, first place -- Will McDonald, Abby Willgruber, Riley Pochodzay, Andrea Ketcham, Sabrina Hance, Jake Tinney, Jake Coleman, Ryan Goodlett, Kennedy Fitzgerald, Blanton Creque, Jesse Harrod, Sinead Maharrey, Ryan Renfro; Future Problem Solving Team, first place -- Ryan Goodlett, Riley Pochodzay, Jesse Harrod, Jake Coleman; Language arts -- Ryan Goodlett, fourth place; Social studies -- Ryan Renfro, first place; Sabrina Shaver, third place; Science -- Tanner Shreve, second place; Jake Tinney, place; Arts and Humanities -- Kennedy Fitzgerald, second; Sabrina Shaver, 3rd place; Written composition -- Sinead Maharrey, first place


The school team was the Overall District Runner-up at the competition it hosted. Individual results:

Mathematics: Ryan Anderson 1st place; Browning Becherer 2nd place

Science: Bradley Lockwood 1st place

Language Arts: Caroline Mason 3rd place

Composition: Lindsay Smith 1st place; Greer Schneider 5th place

Arts & Humanities: Spencer Downs 3rd place

Clear Creek

Academic Team who won district awards:

Arts & Humanities: Brittany Chamblee 1st place

Mathematics: Elizabeth McGuire 4th place; Brittany Chamblee 5th place

Science: Adrian Alvarez 3rd place

Social Studies: Jesse Deesch 3rd place

Language Arts: Elizabeth McGuire 4th place

Composition: Abby Beard- 3rd place; Haila Jackson 4th place

Quick Recall Team placed second and will also advance to the Regional Competition March 22nd: Adrian Alvarez, Farouk Migliore, Elizabeth McGuire, Haila Jackson, Karla Villa, Jesse Deesch, Abby Beard, Brittany Chamblee.


The Academic Team won the Katherine Hume Sportsmanship Award at the District Governor's Cup Competition hosted by Simpsonville March 1st. The following students also won awards: Arts & Humanities -- Ashton Parish, fifth place; Science -- Trenton Davis, second place; Jordan Rood, third place; Social Studies -- Hunter Moore, second place; Language Arts -- Jeron Russell, second place; Quick Recall came in 3rd place -- Anna Henry, Matthew Perry, Garrett Clark, Jacob Sheets, Jacob Gowin, Sam Ruble, Easton Swisher, Jordan Rood and Hunter Moore; Future Problem Solving won first place -- Anna Henry, Jeron Russell, Jacob Sheets, Sam Smith


Two students will represent Southside at the Regional Governor's Cup: Math written assessment -- Jay Solinger, second place; Arts and Humanities written assessment -- Alanna Stewart, 2nd place.