Sweet sundae treats

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As temperatures rise in August, an ice cream sundae can be just the relief some cool kids need to beat the heat. So what makes a perfect sundae? Well, it takes more than just ice cream, and don’t forget the cherry on top.

Ice cream sundaes are as timeless and entrenched in Americana as apple pie. For decades, children have begged for the cherry-topped treat first at the drug store, then the ice cream parlor and now even at fast food restaurants. When one thinks of sundaes, the classic hot fudge variety is the first to spring to mind. With or without nuts, with sprinkles or with jimmies, it’s the one that everyone falls back on.
But with today’s choices spreading far beyond vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, what would make the perfect sundae? We asked a couple experts to help us out.
“I’d start with one of our homemade brownies as a base,” said Tim Koons-McGee, Shelbyville resident and owner of The Comfy Cow. “To that I’d add three scoops of our made from scratch Bourbon Ball ice cream. Top that with our homemade hot fudge, a heaping of our fresh made whipped cream, a scoop or two of walnuts and a cherry for good measure. Heaven in a glass!”
“A hot fudge sundae, with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge with whipped cream and a cherry on top,” said Christian Willard, at Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen. “I’d go with a crème brûlée [ice cream] with caramel on top, with whipped cream and nuts.”
But no matter how you have it, this sweet summer delight hits the spot. And don’t worry about nutritional value – Monday is National Banana Split Day.