Students excel at Junior KYA

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By Sharon Warner



Delegation from Collins High School received the outstanding new delegation award at KYA. Lindy Bush of Collins is president of the premiere senate, and Jesse Harrod of Collins is newly elected president of the senate for 2011 KYA. Attending were Salvatore Migliore (front row from left), Madison Pumphrey, Lindy Bush, Precious Youngblood and Blanton Creque; and (back row) David Lee, Jesse Harrod, Ethan Trevino and Amy Dyer (sponsor).



Thirty-two Talented And Gifted students from East and West Middle School, along with eighth-graders from Collins High School, attended the Junior Central Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) at the Louisville Holiday Inn Crown Plaza in December.

Lindy Bush of Collins was voted president of the senate, which gave her the opportunity to preside over the Premiere Senate assembly on Friday at the Capitol. 

And Jesse Harrod of Collins was elected as the President of the Senate for the 2011 KYA conference, the first time in 50 years that a Shelby county student has served on the executive council at KYA.

Along with 800 other youth from across the region, the Shelby County students participated in this hands-on student government assembly by writing and presenting bills to be passed into law. 

The students prepared five bills to present at the assembly. Bills were ranked according to its merits of feasibility, ability to be debated, creativity, presentation and importance to Kentucky.

"The students who attended KYA were very aware of the economic strain that both our state and federal government is experiencing. The delegates were very reluctant to pass bills that were not fiscally feasible or caused strain on existing structures.  It was a tough crowd!" stated Terry Walther, KYA sponsor for East and West Middle Schools.

The Shelby County students joined other students from across the region in debating bills and letting their voice be heard, several winning awards.