Storm water ordinance approved

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Council looking out for quality of water resources

By Scotty McDaniel

Shelbyville City Council approved Thursday night the second reading of an ordinance addressing a problem with storm-water runoff.

This new ordinance regulates post-development, storm-water runoff in an effort to protect local water resources.

The ordinance states that “the impacts of post-development storm water runoff quantity and quality can adversely affect public safety, public and private property, drinking water supplies, recreation, fish and other aquatic life, property values and other uses of lands and waters.”

The requirements aims to regulate “storm-water runoff quantity and quality from new development and redevelopment, by the use of both structural facilities as well as nonstructural measures, such as the conservation of open space and green space areas.”

Development documents such as building permits and development plans are required to cooperate with the designed criteria. Such required standards, penalties, and other technical information are listed in the Storm Water Best Management Practice Manual, which is available at www.shelbyvillekentucky.com.

In other business

Sherry Jelsma was appointed to the Historic District Commission to complete the unexpired term of Ann Hayes through June 30, 2011.

“She’s highly qualified,” Mayor Tom Hardesty said. “I could read on and on and on her accomplishments.”

Some of those accomplishments include her service on the Jefferson County School Board, secretary of the Arts and Humanities Cabinet under Governor Brereton Jones, appointed by Mayor Jerry Abramson as liaison of the arts and cultural council, chairman of the board of the Speed Art Museum, to name a few.

Historic District Coordinator Gail Reed thanked the mayor for the appointment and said she was pleased to have Jelsma contribute.

Now we’re up to our peak at seven members,” she said.