Stay away from raccoons

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By The Staff

Mrs Cox should stay away from the raccoon. He may look safe today, but tomorrow he could show signs of rabies.

There are two types of rabies, "dumb" and "furious." An animal with furious rabies may act strangely. He could be unnaturally withdrawn or abnormally affectionate. Then the animal can go through a period of biting anything in its path.

With dumb rabies there is no mad period. They exhibit paralysis, usually of the lower jaw, which spreads to the limbs and vital organs.

Rabies is a viral disease that can be carried by all mammals. The virus enters the body through an open cut in the skin. If Mrs. Cox has a cut on her finger and the raccoon is carrying the rabies virus and comes in contact with her finger as she feeds the animal, the virus will spread to her.

The safe and correct thing to do is to leave the raccoon alone.

Joan Brown,