Stand-off in Waddy ends peacefully

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Woman barricaded herself in; said she’d shoot cops

By Lisa King

A 7-hour standoff in Waddy on Tuesday night between police and a woman who had barricaded herself in her residence ended without gunfire, police said. Shelby County Sheriff Mike Armstrong said that about 5 p.m. a call came in that a woman was trying to break into another woman’s residence in the 2400 block of Bardstown Trail in Waddy.  When deputies got there, the woman, who had broken out the glass in the door of the residence, had returned to her own home  and locked herself in, Armstrong said.  When deputies tried to get her to open the door, she threatened them, he said. “She told them Just to come on in, ‘I’ll kill you,’” he said.  He added that officers did not know if she was armed but had to go on the assumption that she was. “She was telling us she had one [a weapon], and she was telling us she was going to kill us and actually admitted to us later after we got her out that she was wanting us to shoot her,” he said.  He said it still has not been determined whether she had a weapon. Because Shelby County has no law enforcement agency with a SWAT team, Armstrong called in a team from Louisville Metro Police. Normally, Kentucky State Police would handle such a situation, but KSP’s SWAT team was unavailable, Trooper Ron Turley said. Armstrong said that the Louisville team was able to get the woman to give herself up peacefully shortly before midnight. He said the whole thing stemmed from the woman’s belief that her neighbor had been having a relationship with her boyfriend. Armstrong declined to release any names because no charges have yet been filed. He said they could be forthcoming. Deputies transported her to the University of Louisville where she was admitted for a psychiatric evaluation. “We are looking into charging her with terroristic threatening of police officers and other individuals, criminal mischief and attempted burglary, things along those lines,” he said.  In addition to the SWAT team, the Waddy Fire Department was on standby in case they were needed to help, but Chief Darrell Brown said it turned out that it wasn’t necessary. “We were just there in case they needed us, but they didn’t.” he said. Everyone had to be evacuated from the property in which the woman was holed up, and police also closed portions of Bardstown Trail as well as Waddy Road for several hours, Armstrong said. “The weather and the elements were just unreal, with the wind chill down below zero and the snow was blowing so hard it was almost a whiteout situation,” he said. 

“We are very appreciative of them [the SWAT team] being able to come and help, because anytime you have a situation where someone is threatening to take a life, you look for the best possible people that are trained to handle the situation.”