Space heater fire heavily damages home in Finchville

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By Lisa King

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A house in Finchville sustained heavy damage Monday night from a blaze started by a space heater.

Shelby County Fire Chief Bobby Cowherd said firefighters responded to a call of a structure fire at 9:14 p.m. at 755 Heritage Lane, off Taylorsville Road, just before Finchville.

The house was evacuated, and no one was injured. Firefighters remained on the scene until 1:29 a.m. Tuesday.

 “Upon arrival of sheriff’s  Unit 7 [Jim Insco], he  found a house fully involved with heavy fire,” he said. “Deputy Insco reported that there was ammunition discharging in the house, and there was a garage with a vehicle inside.”

He said no one was hurt by the ammunition detonation.

Cowherd said crews were able to keep fire from spreading to the adjacent garage.

The house received major damage to the front part of the first floor and to the entire second floor.

Maj. Andy White, fire investigator for the Shelby County Fire Department, spoke with Richard Tingle, the owner of the home. 

“He stated that he had two heaters under the house around the bathroom due to a frozen water line,” Cowherd said. “The owner said a smoke detector activated and alerted the residents of the home. He then saw the fire in the area where he had placed the heaters.”

The fire was ruled accidental.

Cowherd said that because of the cold weather, firefighters were rotated with fresh crews arriving often, and Shelby County EMS was on scene to ensure firefighters stayed hydrated, to monitor vitals signs and to watch for signs of hypothermia.

The American Red Cross was on scene to provide service to the owner and to provide hot drinks to the firefighters.

The Simpsonville Fire Department was requested to send a tanker to assist with water supply.

“We sent two tankers,” Simpsonville Fire Chief Walter Jones said.