SOUDER: Freedom of religion, speech – going, going, gone?

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If you’ve been following the news this week, you have heard about two issues that should be of great concern to all Americans but particularly those of us who call ourselves Christians.

By Chuck Souder

If you’ve been following the news this week, you have heard about two issues that should be of great concern to all Americans but particularly those of us who call ourselves Christians.

The first was the Obama Administration’s most recent assault on the guarantee of freedom of religion. In case you don’t know, as a part of the incredibly Orwellian-ly named “Affordable Health Care Act” (otherwise known as “Obamacare”), Catholic organizations will be forced to violate their beliefs by providing birth control (and abortion-inducing drugs) for their employees.

The question isn’t whether birth control is right or wrong but whether the government can force a church (or individuals) to do things that violate their core religious beliefs.

On this question, the current administration consistently answers “yes” while our Founding Fathers and the Constitution clearly answer a resounding “no!” Stay posted for more on this topic.

The other issue that merits the attention of freedom-loving citizens and especially Christians is the hullabaloo that surrounded the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s initial decision to stop sending part of its funds to Planned Parenthood.

As I’m sure most readers know, the Komen Foundation – with its well-known “Race for Cure” events and nearly ubiquitous pink ribbons – was founded by Nancy Brinker in honor of her sister, Susan G. Komen, who died of breast cancer. The Komen Foundation’s purpose is to support women who have breast cancer and to fund research for its cure. Since 1982, Komen has raised more than $1.9 billion toward this noble effort.

Besides funding research, Komen also financially supports groups that provide breast-cancer screenings and mammograms for low-income women; among these groups has been Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. However, because Planned Parenthood doesn’t actually provide mammograms but instead just gives referrals (and because they are under investigation for improperly using federal funds to provide abortions), Komen reasonably decided its funds would be better used by supporting organizations that provide direct treatment.

If that weren’t enough, there is the uncomfortable link between breast cancer and abortion. A 2009 study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center showed "a statistically significant 40 percent increased risk [of breast cancer] for women who have abortions."

Why would a group committed to fighting breast cancer give funds to an organization whose number one business leads to more women getting breast cancer?

However reasonable Komen’s decision might have been to rational people, immediately following its announcement, radical pro-abortion advocates came out of the woodwork to demonize, threaten and otherwise loudly and roundly condemn the Komen Foundation for its “politically motivated” decision that would “endanger the lives of women.”

Even if you don’t care about breast cancer or don’t hold the Christian position that abortion is murder and therefore morally indefensible, you still have to be stunned by the audacity of those who supposedly are all about “choice” as they denounced a private organization’s ability to choose where to direct its own funds.

So why the big fuss? Is it simply about Komen’s money? Not at all.

In fact, as Tim Stanley of the UK Telegraphpointed out, Komen for the Cure’s annual grant made up a mere .058 percent of Planned Parenthood’s budget.

So what is this all about? Komen’s decision pulled back the curtain on something that abortion-rights activists are desperate to keep hidden. Partnerships with well-respected organizations like the Komen Foundation allow Planned Parenthood to continue the charade that it is about “women’s health.”

When it becomes known that it doesn’t actually provide mammograms, that it is against parent-notification laws, that it regularly hides rape and child prostitution (as Lila Rose and her Live Action group have shown, and that abortion makes up 91 percent of the “services” it provides for pregnant women, reasonable people begin to realize that the emperor of “a woman’s right to choose” is wearing no clothes.

This, then, threatens the big money – the $400 million in taxpayer-funded support received by Planned Parenthood each year.

Make no mistake: Abortion is a sacrament in the anti-God church of secularism, and its members will protect it with a fervor, seeking to destroy any who dare to question its goodness.

Unfortunately, the all-out vilification by the radically pro-abortion left caused Komen to at least walk back its decision, leaving open the possibility that it would continue to send funds to Planned Parenthood.

Without a doubt, the vast majority of Komen’s resources have been focused in positive, even life-saving directions. But if this back-pedaling on last week’s noble decision leads to even one more innocent child being killed, instead of just incurring the wrath of an angry mob of leftists, it will continue to have blood on its hands.

And as we’ll look at next time, that’s not a great position in which to be.


Chuck Souder is on staff at Shelby Christian Church. He can be reached at csouder@shelbychristian.org.