Some broken glass for breakfast at Shelby store

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No one injured when truck crashes into It’s Convenient

By Lisa King

Customers got a big shock at about 6 a.m. Thursday when a pick up truck jumped a curb at It’s Convenient on Main Street and ran into the front of the store so hard that the impact broke the front window and caved in the bricks, right where the cashier checks out customers.

“It came just barreling right through the parking lot and, bam, right into the building,” store owner Ruth Hodge said.

“No body was hurt, but what scared me is that Bill [Pearson] usually sits right there,” she said, pointing to the caved in area that stretched all the way from the edge of the building to the front door, where a worker could be seen making repairs.

Cashier Rose Curtsinger said she was ringing up a customer and did not see the truck coming.

“I was ringing up this lady, and plus it was still dark, and all of a sudden, there was this big loud crunching sound and glass shattering right beside me,” she said. “I didn’t know what happened at first.”

Curtsinger’s customer, Bonnie Witt, said the whole thing happened so fast, it was incredible.

“I was just standing there, paying for some gas, and then all of a sudden, kablooey!,” she said. “It scared us all to death, but by the grace of God, nobody was hurt.”

The driver of the pickup truck was not injured. Shelbyville Police Maj. Istvan Kovacs said he did not have the name of the driver because the incident report was not completed.

Hodge gave a rueful chuckle as she regarded the storefront and speculated about the cause of the accident.

“Well, he must have got in a hurry when he smelled the bacon cooking,” she said.

Curtsinger said she heard the man say his brakes had gone out.

She said she knows her guardian angel had been watching over her.

“I had put my little angel in the window, and she protected me,” she said. “The glass was shattered all around her, but she is still there, and she will stay there until we get our new window.”

Curtsinger’s angel may also have protected Pearson, too, she said, because he was not in his usual place.

“He always sits on that bench out there, but for some reason, he wasn’t there this morning, and it’s a good thing, too, because that bench is gone now; it’s squashed to smithereens,” he said.

Pearson, known around the community as “Booger Bill,” escaped disaster a couple of years ago as well, when his home burned down in a fire that seriously injured his brother, John, who later died.

“I don’t know why he wasn’t out there this morning, but we are all just glad everything turned out the way it did,” Curtsinger said.