Simpsonville’s Eden back to work after hospital stay

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By Steve Doyle

Simpsonville Mayor Steve Eden was back on the job Thursday for both the city and his job at the West Shelby Water District after a scary trip to the hospital earlier in the week.

Eden said on Monday night his left arm went numb and he passed out, and he was taken to Jewish Hospital in Louisville, where he underwent a battery of tests.

“They didn’t find anything,” he said. “They checked the heart and arteries to make sure I hadn’t had a light stroke, but it was all OK.”

The apparent diagnosis is that an MRI showed him to have a pinched nerve in his neck, which could account for the numbness.

“You always hear about the left arm and heart attacks,” Eden said. “And the numbness lasted about two minutes.

“It was definitely a reality check.”

Eden had missed a special meeting of the Simpsonville City Commission on Tuesday afternoon, and at the time Simpsonville City Administrator David Eaton said he only heard that the mayor was sick.

Eaton said Wednesday he had learned that Eden was in the hospital but said he didn’t know what the situation was.

Eden said that he could have returned to work earlier but that the doctors decided to keep him an extra day.

“Of course, when you’re around doctors, you always hear that you need to lose weight and eat better,” he said. “I guess I’ll have to back that down a little.”