Simpsonville tax hearing Friday morning

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By Steve Doyle

 Simpsonville will have a public hearing Friday morning to review the city's proposed ad valorem tax increase for 2009.

The city is seeking a tax rate of 9.2 cents, an increase of .1 from 2008.

Citizens can comment at city hall at 8:15, then the commission will go into special session to review the tax and, obstensibly, pass it.

At its regular meeting on Tuesday night, the commission:

  • Passed on second reading an amendment of its final budget report for 2008-2009 Fiscal year that slightly adjusts the city's bottom line.
  • Reviewed progress on ongoing drainage problem near Lakeshore Drive and some work pipe replacement work that is under way. 
  • Greed on first reading to purchase a backhoe from West Shelby Water District.
  • Passed a resolution commemorating Whitney Young Job Corps Center's 45th anniversary on Sept. 23.