Simpsonville to see new garbage trucks

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Vendor is making changes

By Steve Doyle

 f you live in Simpsonville and see a different garbage company’s truck servicing your street, don’t fret.

Simpsonville Mayor Steve Eden told the city’s commissioners at their meeting Tuesday night that the company with which the city contracts for garbage removal was transferring the work from one of its subsidiaries to another.

“Allied Garbage will take over collecting in our neighborhoods,” Eden said. “It’s the same system. We expect no change.”

The city contracts with a company called Republic Services, and its subsidiary ID Garbage of Louisville had been doing the collection. But Republic also owns Allied, which operates out of Frankfort and decided to switch Simpsonville to that group.

Eden said he expected the transition to occur in February.

“I think it’s more of a territorial thing,” Eden said. “ID primarily works out of Louisville, so I guess they [Republic] just decided to make the switch.”

New residents and those in need of new cans likely would receive different colors, Eden said, but that’s about it. “There would be no need for current residents to get new ones unless a can broke down,” City Administrator David Eaton said.

The city’s contract with Republic runs until Jan. 1, 2012, and Eaton said the transitioning of service gives commissioners a chance to evaluate the service.

“If something changes, we can retreat and seek new bids. If service is good, the contract can be extended,” he said.


Zoning change passes

Commissioners also passed on second reading of an ordinance that gives them the right to establish the new Village Center Form District, which changes the zoning for 37 properties along U.S. 60 as the first phase of establishing the city’s planned downtown center. The ordinance takes effect today, with is publication in The Sentinel-News.

The city, which developed its long-range plan last spring, had placed a moratorium on development of those properties from Maplewood Drive in the west to Old Veechdale Road in the east until this zoning change was complete.

Eaton said that moratorium would expire Jan. 31, which means any new building after that date would have to conform to the new zoning codes.


Sidewalk grant

Eaton reported that the city had received 3 RFQs (requests for questionnaire) about the new sidewalk it will build in that downtown corridor. The city received a federal stimulus grant that will fund 80 percent of the project, and Eaton said the RFQs were the first step in a long process of required checks and balances before bids could be let and money spent. “But if all goes well we maybe can get going by summer,” he said.


Other business

§       The city approved payment of $33,230.34 – including an additional $6,182.16 for two change orders – to Bower Excavating for its expansion of the city’s sewer pump station near Purnell’s factory. The project will be completed with landscaping improvements in the spring.

§       City Treasurer Debbie Batliner reported that property tax payments were arriving well with only 50 or so left unpaid. “I’m elated about that,” she said.

§       Commissioners authorized Eden to sign a contract with Raytech to provide support and maintenance for its computer and telephone systems.