Simpsonville approves sewer connection bid for outlet mall

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Veechdale, Buck Creek roadwork moving along

By Steve Doyle

More and obvious progress has been made in the construction of the Outlet Shoppes of Louisville, including, most notably, the approval Tuesday by the Simpsonville City Commission of a contract to connect the mall to the city’s sewer system.


The low bid, recommended by David Derrick of Derrick Engineering, was from Twin States Utilities & Excavation for $285,100 to bore under Interstate 64 and connect to the system being installed by the contractors for Horizon Group Properties’ 374,000-square-foot mall.

The bid, chosen from among six, was lower than expected and allowed the commission also to approve an overall loan of $370,000 for the project, which extends from near the Subway restaurant just north of I-64 for roughly a quarter of a mile. That figure includes a $15,000 contingency for probable change orders in the project and is $30,000 less than the city had arranged to borrow from Commonwealth Bank & Trust.

“You had authorized the mayor and I to arrange for up to a four-hundred-thousand-dollar loan,” City Administrator David Eaton told the commissioners. “So we’re going back to the bank and arrange for three hundred and seventy thousand – which we are allowed to do.

“I haven’t taken a penny out of there and will wait as long as I can. I have until November 18 to do that.”

Said Mayor Steve Eden: “We’ve already received the tap-on fee from Horizon. That will take care of the debt service for the next five years.”

Derrick, who coordinates engineering projects for the city, said he wasn’t familiar with the contractor – although Eden has worked with the company in his capacity of general manager of West Shelby Water – but that the construction phase of the project is scheduled for 90 days and that he expected it to be completed by December.

“If the weather holds, we may be done by Thanksgiving,” he said.

The project will bore south for 900 feet to I-64 and then beneath it for 341 feet to the 20 manholes that Horizon’s contractors are installing. He said that 24-inch steel pipe will encase a 10-inch plastic pipe and that gravity would carry the flow to the pump station. “It’s almost all downhill,” he said.

Said Eaton: “Eight-inch pipe would handle it, but we’ll go with ten-inch in case something happens [other development] out there. We want to be prepared and not have to go back in and pull it out.”


New Veechdale near

Eaton said he had received an E-mail – with an aerial photograph attached – that said that contractors nearly had completed construction of the rerouted Veechdale Road (KY 1399) to run through the mall property.

“The rock is down, and they should have it paved in about a week,” Eaton said. “Then they will get the OK from the state to open that up. Then they will tear out the old 1399.

“They have five of the pads [for buildings] poured, and they have nine pads in all. It’s a long time until next year when they plan to open.”


Buck Creek patter changes

Eaton also alerted the commission that the traffic pattern in the area of the widening of Buck Creek Road (KY 1848) around and over I-64 had changed again and now is using the newest (eastern) construction lanes through the overpass.

“Now they working on the old Buck Creek Road lanes,” he said. “That shifts traffic out of the way of the construction.”

Eaton said he is excited about the mall access roads, especially after comparing the aerial photo, as compared to what he had seen when recently visiting Horizon’s Outlet Shoppes At Atlanta in Woodstock, Ga.

“We have a whole lot longer exit ramp than they had in Woodstock,” he said. “You put them side by side, and you can really see the difference.”