Shelbyville PD adds 2 officers

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Chief says department still ‘a bit short-handed’

By Lisa King

The Shelbyville Police Department has hired two new police officers who will begin patrol duties immediately.

Kelly Maloney and Brian Beeler were sworn in Thursday morning by District Judge Donna Dutton in the community room of the police station at Main and 3rd streets.

“We’re always happy to swear in good officers, and it’s an especially good day to be able to swear in two at once,” she said, after the ceremony.

“They are fine examples of the caliber of officers that we have on the Shelbyville Police Department.”

Maloney, who is from Louisville, worked for the Louisville Metro Police Department for 10 years. Her family has a tradition of being involved in police work, with her father and sister both retired officers in Louisville.

“I just love to help people,” she said.

She is the daughter of Michael and Sherri Owen of Louisville.

Brian Beeler, who is from Michigan, was a police officer in Michigan for 7 years and said he worked mostly at departments in small towns.

“In those small towns, we handled our own complaints from the beginning to the end,” he said.

Like Maloney, Beeler comes from a tradition of law enforcement.

“My family members were police officers,” he said. “What I like about my job is helping people from day to day. Also, it’s not the same routine over and over again.”

Beeler said he decided to come to Kentucky, where his wife, Laura, is from, because the larger departments in Michigan were laying off officers.

“The Michigan economy was getting worse all the time, laying off police officers, and jobs were hard to get,” he said. “I have relatives who live in Louisville, so I started applying in Kentucky, and here I am.

“My wife and daughter [Kayley] couldn’t make it [to the ceremony]; she graduates from kindergarten today.”

Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty said he was glad to have the two officers on board.

“They will be an asset to the department,” he said.

Shelbyville Police Chief Robert Schutte said he felt fortunate to get two such competent officers.

“Kelly has worked a number of years in Louisville and brings a lot of experience with her,” he said. “It’s nice to add another female to the department. She is the only one right now because Susanna [Marcum] is still off, so we’ll have one on the street.

Marcum has not worked on the street since she was involved in a police shooting in which a teen, Trey Williams, 18, died in November.

Schutte said he was glad to be bringing his compliment of officers nearer where it should be. The hiring of Maloney and Beeler brings the force up to 21 strong, now only two officers short.

“We’re a little short-handed right now,” he said. “We have twenty-one sworn officers right now and are looking to hire a couple more. Normally we have twenty-three.

“We’re looking to hire a couple of recruits in the fall. We’re going through that process as well. We gave a recruit test here recently. We’re looking to hire two people to put through classes in Richmond, but that’s a much more lengthy process.

“We’ve had a couple of people resign, and we’ve had a retirement; we’ve just had it hit at about the same time. It put a little hardship on us, and we’ve had to make some adjustments.

“But we’ll get back up to speed because our primary focus is the safety of this community. “