Shelbyville clean-up starts Monday

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Shelbyville encourages citizens’ spring-cleaning with large item pickup

By Todd Martin

If you’ve been looking to get rid of that old fridge or that worn out plaid recliner taking up space in the basement, now’s your chance -- at least in Shelbyville.

Shelbyville’s Public Works Department will be offering pickup service for the city’s citizens all next week.

“We decided on this week because we figured people were probably getting started on spring cleaning, and we wanted to get it finished before Derby,” said Jennifer Herrell, Shelbyville’s city engineer and Public Works director. “And they usually do it in April.”

This is actually the first time in two years the city has had the event. After pickups in the fall of 2008 after the windstorm and again in early 2009 after the ice storm, no more pick-ups were scheduled.

“We were picking up debris for two or three months after the ice storm,” Herrell said. “Our goal is to have it once a year, and twice if we can.”

Herrell said it’s a big help if people will call the city (633-1094) to schedule a pickup, but no one will be missed.

“We’ll have people out driving around to make sure we get everything,” she said. “So people are going to see things on the curb, but we’ll get it. We do tell people to try not to block the sidewalks. If we see it, we’ll get it, but we’re not going to take your regular house trash.”

There are a few things the city will not take. Appliances (except microwaves) will be picked up, but they must have doors removed. Workers will not be picking up auto or truck bodies, asbestos, propane containers, dead animals, chemicals, trees or large quantities of material from building demolition or remodeling.

The Public Works Department will have several Dumpsters at their disposal, and those will be picked up at the end of the clean up and emptied by a contracted service.

This is the first year Herrell’s had a spring clean up, but she’s been told she’ll see a little of everything.

“They’ve told me we’ll see chair, couches, appliances and everything,” she said.