Shelbyville City Council: Water company requests increase

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Average bill would increase by $1.44

By Todd Martin

The Shelbyville City Council will hear the first reading Thursday of a proposed water and sewer rate increase.

The increase is to cover the rising costs of chemicals and operations, Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer Manager Tom Doyle said.

“Compared to the surrounding cities, we’re still much cheaper,” Doyle said. “It’s just getting harder and harder to balance the budget.”

The proposed 3.85 percent increase is almost exactly the same as the last increase, 3.87 percent 2 years ago, and won’t make that much of a difference on the average home’s bill.

“For an-inside-the-city customer with water and sewer service, you’ll see a sixty-eight-cent increase on water and a seventy-six-cent increase on sewer,” Doyle said. “That’s based on five-thousand gallons, which is a pretty standard amount for residential use.”

That means this proposed increase would add about $1.44 to a standard resident’s bill.

Doyle said the water company also is requesting a “minor increase to our surcharge on industrial waste water for those companies above the limits on their compatible pollutants.”

Those are pollutants that the water company can remove. That increase will be between 10 cents and 29 cents, depending on the type of pollutant.

“We had to raise those costs because we’re experiencing an increase in the cost of landfill and transportation,” he said.

The other increase, Doyle said, is a change in policy that will charge $10 for any payment with insufficient funds, whether the payment is made by check or by bank draft.

“We used to charge five dollars because that’s what the bank charges us, but we are using time and resources to get that resolved, so we decided we should make that change as well.”

Amending door-to-door licenses

The city council will also take a look the city’s ordinance for door-to-door sales permits. The proposed amendment will make it more difficult to obtain a permit.

Also at the meeting, the council will:

  • Have a second reading to create a new position of engineer/GIS for the Department of Public Works.
  • Amend and update the position of police major.
  • Discuss a mutual aide agreement between the city and the state with regards to FEMA in case of an emergency in the area.
  • Reappoint Sherman Riggs to the Ethics Committee and Gary Walls and Ann Morris to the Human Rights Commission.