SHELBYVILLE CITY COUNCIL: Rut ‘N Strut one step closer to opening

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Residents will see tax bills soon

By Ashley Wilkins

The Shelbyville City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance to annex into the city fifty acres of property on Gordon Lane that will soon be the home of Rut ‘N Strut Distillery, LLC during Thursday evening’s regularly scheduled council meeting.
The Netherys have asked to have the property annexed so they could operate with less than a 100-acre lot and so they could sell their distilled spirits on site.
Currently, the county’s moist status does not allow for the sale of packaged alcohol or allow for a tasting room at a distillery. Both are allowable by law within Shelbyville.
Bruce Nethery and his family hope to open the $4 million distillery next summer and plan to include a $2 million tasting room and gift shop.
The city worked with the Netherys to change the zoning regulations to allow a distillery on property zoned agricultural in the city, with certain regulations including a minimum size of 50 acres.
The Netherys will distill bourbon, vodka, and corn whiskey at their farm but also plan to produce crops and raise various farm animals, including buffalo, on-site. The distillery will make available 11 jobs with a base wage of $10.88 per hour.

Tax bills
Starting next week, Shelbyville residents can expect to see their property tax bills in their mailbox.
“I’m very pleased to report…that our property tax rates of 27.5 cents per hundred dollars evaluation will remain the same and that’s been the same rate since 2006. By doing that though that has driven our personal property tax rate down to 35.4 cents per hundred dollars evaluation,” Mayor Tom Hardesty said.
Hardesty explained that over the past eight years, the rate on personal property has decreased more than 14 cents per hundred dollars.

Garbage RFPs
Hardesty announced Thursday that the draft for the garbage RFPs has been prepared by City Attorney Steve Gregory and is ready for review by him and the garbage committee.
Hardesty explained that he has the draft and will review it with the committee as soon as they can all meet, hopefully sometime this week. If the committee agrees that no changes are necessary and the RFP is ready, Hardesty said it will be ready to submit for advertising.
He is hopeful that it could be ready by the end of the week, unless the committee feels changes need to be made.
“We want to make sure we do this correctly,” he said.
Hardesty said the committee has worked well to incorporate the wishes of the council in regards to the RFP requirements.

Also at the meeting, the council:
• Passed on second reading an ordinance levying the annual assessment of the Clear Creek subdivision public improvement bonds. The bond payment for the coming year will be $1,601.55. That rate is down more than $75 per lot from last year. The city will serve as the collection agent for the bondholder until 2018.
• Heard a department report from Shelbyville Historic District Commissioner Fred Rogers who explained that despite a battle to revive the home, the historic Chatham house will be demolished, stating that the structure is no longer safe.
• Offered condolences to Judy Smith, who is in the hospital.