Shelbyville City Council: County’s distillery ideas spark review of concepts

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Trash ordinance continues to progress

By Todd Martin

As Shelby County Fiscal Court has started the process to broaden the availability of land for potential distilleries to locate in the county, the Shelbyville City Council had a brief discussion about following suit during Thursday’s regular meeting.

“Is this something that we need to be thinking about?” council member Mike Zoeller asked.

City Attorney Steve Gregory noted that, based on the county’s work, the only changes the city would need to make would be through zoning. Because the city is already “wet,” no other changes would be necessary.

The county has made a request to the Triple S Planning Commission to hold a public hearing to amend the zoning regulations to allow a distillery to open on property zoned Agriculture, with the stipulations that the property must be at least 100 acres and a minimum of 25 percent being devoted to agriculture or preserved as green space among others.

Triple S will have a public hearing at its meeting on Jan. 21, and then make a recommendation back to fiscal court, which then would vote on the changes.

For a distillery to provide samples to the public or sell their wares in the county, it would need a special election.

“I think this is something we should look into because there are several steps that companies could avoid by coming into the city,” Zoeller said. “Maybe we do something smaller than one hundred acres, I don’t know. But just because they’re located out there, they don’t have to grow their own corn. They could buy it from anyone else around here.”

The city could request a public hearing on amending any land zone restrictions.

Currently, a distillery is allowed under Light and Heavy Industrial zoning regulations.

“I have already requested a copy of the county’s resolution [that was read at the meeting on Dec. 17] so we could look at it,” Mayor Tom Hardesty said. “I definitely think it’s something we should look at.”

Trash, recycling ordinance

Hardesty noted that a draft copy of an ordinance addressing curbside garbage and recycling pickup has been passed on to the committee. “Hopefully we can get that to the council soon and begin to schedule sessions for public input,” he said.

Traffic concerns

Hardesty asked City Engineer/Public Works Director Jennifer Herrell to clear up early questions on some traffic issues, including the sign on Interstate 64 eastbound warning drivers who need use Exit 32 to stay in the right lane and concerns with the traffic signal at the intersection of KY 55 and the I-64 eastbound exit ramp.

Herrell noted that the sign on I-64 was there as of this past weekend and added that she would call to make sure it remained out and active on the interstate as long as the lanes remain divided.

As for the light and traffic being backed up on KY 55, she said she has spoken with the state, and officials are aware of the issues.

“I’ve spoken with Chris Sloan, the project engineer for the widening project, and with the construction, they’re just trying to work through it,” she said.

Also at the meeting, the council:

  • Approved on second reading ordinances to amend the pay scale for Shelbyville police officers and firefighters.
  • Heard a proclamation for Arbor Day.
  • Heard Hardesty commend the fire department for its work collecting toys for the Christmas season. He also noted that the city offices would be closed today, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
  • Received from ShelbyKY Tourism Executive Director Katie Fussenegger her department’s annual audit.
  • Heard from Herrell that her department will continue to pick up bagged leaves through the end of the year and noted that anyone interested in leaves for composting can contact Public Works at 633-1094. So far her workers have picked up more than 2,700 bags.