Shelbyville City Council: City to consider adding Simpsonville to tourism commission

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By Todd Martin

The city of Shelbyville will be the first to introduce an ordinance on Thursday that officially would welcome Simpsonville as a member of the tourism and convention commission.

The ordinance is the only item on the city’s agenda for Thursday night at city hall, and Katie Fussenegger, the executive director of the visitor’s bureau, said nothing is really changing.

“This is really just making everything official,” she said. “We’ve always kind of included Simpsonville and promoted Simpsonville, but now they’ll be officially added to the ordinance.”

The ordinance, which includes a transient room tax, is basically the same as it was before except with the addition of Simpsonville.

“The tax is the same three percent tax that was charged on rooms before,” Fussenegger said. “It’s nothing new. But as Simpsonville continues to develop, especially around the interstate interchanges, and hotels come in, that money will be added to the tourism commission.”

Because Simpsonville is located in the county, any development already would have been included, but this way the commission would have Simpsonville’s input, and the city would be a part of the community development program.

“We’ll add Simpsonville into our community development, where we give back,” Fussenegger said.

The terms of the tourism commission won’t change either.

“Basically, the KRS statutes have all of that pretty much mapped out,” she said. “So, as terms expire, we’ll make sure that Simpsonville has a representative on the commission.”

Kentucky Revised Statutes dictate that a tourism commission must have one representative each from a city, county, chamber of commerce, a restaurant and three from the hotel industry, which also can include bed-and-breakfasts and home rentals.