Shelby students earn orchestra honors

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By Sharon Warner

These orchestra students from Shelby County schools participated in Kentucky Music Educators Association Solo/Ensemble district competition:


Shelby County High School

Distinguished honors:Sierra Woulfe, violin solo; Jeron Russell, violin solo; Lindsey Hill, violin solo; Morgan Saylor, violin solo; Kyree Griffin, violin solo; Mason Daugherty Cello Solo; Kristina Hutchins and Shae Gregg, violin duet; Kelsey Hargadon and Kristina Hutchins, violin duet; Shae Gregg and Morgan Seppenfield, violin duet; Morgan Seppenfield and Morgan Saylor, violin duet; Jeron Russell and Luke Brown, violin duet; Jesse DeEsch and Mason Daugherty, viola/cello duet; Mason Daugherty and Kacie Wright, cello duet; Luke Brown, Eric Lewis, Taylor Crawford, Garrett Clark and Jeron Russell, string quintet; Morgan Seppenfield, Shae Gregg, Taylor Crawford, Garrett Clark and Jeron Russell, string quintet.

Proficient honors:Jeron Russell and Garrett Clark, violin/bass duet; Sarah Connor and Kacie Wright, cello duet.

Proficient+ honors:Kelsey Hargadon and Lindsey Hill, violin duet; Morgan Saylor, Lindsey Hill and Morgan Seppenfield, violin trio.


East Middle sixth, seventh and eighth grades

Distinguished rating for solos:Grant Gartland, Ben Greenwell, Abigayle Hughes, Alexis Smith, Erin Bailey, Meagan Cosper, Kacie Ewing, Hunter Ceralde, Matthew Paverd, Michael Lonak, Mikala Bertholf, Adam Triebsch, Jack Dorman, Savannah Stovall, Claire Dale.

Distinguished rating for an ensemble:Kayleigh Browning, Grant Gartland, Sydney Perry, Danielle Augustine, Lauren Patton, Jessie Vermillion, Nolan Hughes, Kelsey Markle, Mikala Anderson, Alexis Smith, David Hood, David Jacobs, Kacie Ewing, Erin Bailey, Alex Sea, Maria Infante, Jack Holtzworth, Dustin Clausen, Chloe Frederick, Hanako Boucher, Catherine Pflaum, Zoe Kremer, Haley Vermillion.

Proficient solos:Nolan Hughes, Meagan Cosper, Maria Infante, Chloe Frederick, Zach Brandenburg, Kyle Richardson.

Proficient ensembles:Suzanne Sanders, Meagan Cosper, Danielle Augustine, Sydney Perry, Logan Jones, Jack Daugherty, Jessie Vermillion, Lauren Patton, Kim Bedrava, Mikala Anderson, Brandon Davis, Kacie Ewing, Alexis Smith, Erin Bailey, Brian Hayden, Zach Brandenburg, Kyle Richardson, Keegan Martion, Claire Dale, Caroline Shy, Adam Triebsch, Michael Lonak, Hanako Boucher, Catherine Pflaum, Katelyn Jeffries, Kirsten Brown.


Collins High School

Distinguished honors:Lauren Greenwell, violin solo; Lucia Velasquez, violin solo; Grace Kim, violin solo,recommended for state level KMEA solo/ensemble; Rachael Reeder and Lee Johnson, violin duet; Lauren Greenwell, Rachael Reeder, Lee Johnson and Lindy Bush, string quartet; Connor Goodwin, Grace Powell, MacKenzie Boone and Miranda Nowlin, string quartet.

Proficient honors:Miranda Nowlin, cello solo; Lucia Velasquez and Brianna Suggs, violin duet.

Proficient+ honors:Lucia Velasquez and Brianna Suggs, violin duet; Shelby Hurt, violin solo.

Proficient++ honors:JD Carey Viola, solo.