Shelby student starts blog for charities

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Idea is to provide a clearinghouse

By Lisa King

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Joseph Martin, a junior at Shelby County High School, came up with the idea of doing a blog for local charities as a leadership project for a Governor’s Scholars program.

“It will be a comprehensive blog where charities can list what their needs are and their mission statements,” said Starla Martin, Joseph’s mother.

Martin said the idea came from a mission trip to Hazard he had made several years ago, and now he has launched aid4shelby.blogspot.com.

“Although the experience was eye-opening concerning the poverty faced by families, and much work was completed, the trip’s success was held back to a degree by the lack of a way to be informed of non-profits and their needs,” he said.  “As a junior attending Shelby County High School, I see with the current state of the economy, the need for a comprehensive clearinghouse for need-based organizations in Shelby County.”

Martin said that  even though Shelby does not have as great a need as Hazard, a registry of sorts for local need-based organizations could be a source of information for those who would like to have an opportunity to volunteer.

“They could also find out ways to contribute monetarily or materially for distribution to those in need,” Martin said. “As a result of the present need, I decided to create a blog with the name ‘Aid 4 Shelby’ to give individuals easy access to necessities and also to help various agencies that enrich the community.

“If this becomes a very successful blog, I would like to expand it into a state-wide Web site for nearly every community.  As of now, this blog is meant to benefit our county, by initiating a relationship between need based organizations and everyday individuals.”