Shelby schools dominate technology competition

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By Sharon Warner

Shelby County schools dominate at the Kentucky Technology Student Association State Conference on March 17-19


Shelby County and Collins high schools placed first in eight events, second in 10 and third in five. Shelby County Public Schools swept a couple of events, taking first, second and third.

Eight Shelby County students are eligible to go to the International Technology Student Association Conference to represent Kentucky this summer in Dallas.


SCHS and East Middle students:
•Doug Martin, first in career prep.
•Doug Martin, Ethan Russell, second in structural engineering.
•Ethan Russell and Doug Martin Team one, first in problem solving.
•Ethan Russell, Jessica Alcantara and Doug Martin, second in tech bowl.
•Doug Martin, Ethan Russell and Jessica Alcantara team one, second in leadership challenge.
•Ethan Russell, third in prepared speech.
•Katie Brown, Lauren Clark and Ethan Russell, second in Web design.
•Katie Brown, second in Write it Now! - a technical writing competition.
•Lauren Clark, Jeron Russell and Katie Brown team two, first in leadership challenge.
•Ethan Russell, Doug Martin, Katie Brown, Lauren Clark, Jeron Russell and Jessica Alcantara, first in chapter team.
•Jeron Russell and Garrett Clark, first in techno talk.
• Jeron Russell and Garrett Clark team two, third in problem solving.
•Jessica Alcantara, first in graphic design.
•Kristian Campbell, Brandon Thompson, Clayton Brown, Sam Adams, Gwen Martin, Patrick Casper, third in the high school chapter team event.

Collins High School:
•Abby Boone, first in Write it Now! - a technical writing competition.
•Abby also, second in prepared speech.
•Charla Jamison, second in digital photography.
• James Bauer, second in dragster research and design.
•James and Zach McIntosh, second in problem solving.
•Precious Youngblood, Charla Jamison and Abby Boone, third in leadership challenge.
•Adriene Holtzworth, third in photographic technology a high school event.