Shelby planning commission tables rental facility’s plans

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Clifton Court developer receives permission to divide into 24 lots

By Todd Martin

The Triple S Planning Commission on Tuesday night tabled a development plan for R.E.P Rents, which was looking to combine its locations on Kentucky Street and Hill-N-Dale Road into a new facility on Haven Hill Road.

The heavy equipment rental company submitted a plan for a 14,300-square-foot facility and requested waivers to allow a gravel outdoor storage and driveway area for the heavy equipment, a reduction in landscape screening requirements and a reduction in the required amount of quality materials used in construction of the building.

Commissioner John Wills made the motion to table the plan “in hopes that they can comeback with adjustment to the exterior that better fit the regulations.”

The motion passed, 5-0. Commissioner Larry Stewart did not attend the meeting.

The area of concern for the commission was the use of a filled metal panel for the majority of the building. The panels, argued Richard Head, representing of R.E.P, meet the standards of architecturally treated.

However, Triple S Planning Executive Director Ryan Libke said the panels are not what the regulations intended and are included in the subsection of limited materials.

Commissioner Quintin Biagi Jr., an architect, noted that “in the industry” they are not and would not be referred to as “architecturally treated.”


French Quarters

The commission approved the amended final planned unit development for French Quarters, allowing for the 24 single-family homes on Clifton Court to be separated into individual lots.

When the development was built 15 years ago, it was completed with the intention of allowing renters to purchase the homes based on its appraised value at the time they started renting. However, with changes in the economy, the availability of loans for condominium-style lots – with several homes on one lot – has diminished.

The approval of the division of properties was also a condition to allow the street to be admitted into the Shelbyville road system, along with other conditions based on the green space and road repairs.

Triple S Chair George Best said that although the plans are approved, the documents will not be signed until the “property coins” are put in for the lots.


Subdivision text amendment

The commission tabled a discussion on text amendments to its subdivision regulations. A public hearing covered Article 6 of the Comprehensive Plan and focused on variances, enforcement and penalties for violation.

Jim Ellis, representing Maintain Our Rural Environment (MORE) and Shelby County Organized for Preservation and Enhancement (SCOPE), presented the commission with a booklet of comments and concerns, compiled by those groups, about the text amendments and revisions.

“You’ve really done a lot of good work here, and I’d like to be able to take a chance to look through it,” Libke said.

The bulk of the changes are word changes between the terms “variance” and “waiver.” The commission will continue the public hearing and discussion at its meeting April 16.


Also at the meeting, the commission:

§       Approved an amended plat to adjust the property line between two tracts on the Sheets Farm Divided on Scott Station Road. A waiver of 16.8 feet on the side yard was granted. The property is zoned Agricultural.

§       Approved the final plat to reconfigure lots 6, 7 and 7A on Church View Street as a part of Village Plaza Shopping Center. The changes dedicate the right-of-way for the extension of Church View Street into a cul-de-sac. The property is zoned Highway Commercial (C-4).

§       Approved the division of the Ruhl Farm, 5376 Mount Eden Road, into six tracts. The property is zoned Agricultural.

§       Heard in a report from Libke that Simpsonville has requested that LED signs be added as allowable in the Village Center Form District. The commission will have a public hearing on April 16 to discuss. This change is being sought at the request of Simpsonville Baptist Church, which wants to erect an LED sign in front of its campus on U.S. 60.

§       Heard in a report from Libke that the planning office received 29 permits in February and that a CD matured and was cashed to meet operating expenses for the year.