Shelby man killed in motorcycle crash

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He lost control on U.S. 60 and was struck by a truck

By Lisa King

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A motorcyclist is dead following a crash on U.S. 60 east of Shelbyville on Friday afternoon.

The cyclist, James M, Serochi, 56, of Shelbyville, was knocked from his motorcycle in the accident and into the oncoming lane near Jefferson Community & Technical College Shelby Campus. He was then was hit by another vehicle.

Serochi  was wearing a helmet, police said.

Sheriff Mike Armstrong said the accident happened at 3 p.m. as Serochi was traveling east behind a Jeep Cherokee, and the Jeep began to slow down.

Sheriff's Detective Jason Rice said Serochi apparently was unaware that traffic was moving very slowly in front of him, and when the Jeep slowed, he could not slow down in time and struck the Jeep in the rear.

The impact threw Serochi off his bike, and he was struck by a Ford van in the westbound lane, Rice said.

Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Meadows, who assisted in the accident reconstruction with Rice, said that neither of the other two drivers involved was injured.

Susan Harris, 41, of Lawrenceburg was driving the Jeep Cherokee, and the Insight Communications van that struck Serochi was driven by Michael Marshall, 34, of Shelbyville.

Chief Deputy Coroner Jeff Ivers said Serochi was not transported to the hospital but was pronounced dead at the scene of multiple injuries.

U.S. 60 was closed for several hours just after the dismissal of Shelby County High School.

No charges have been filed in connection with the accident. Serochi, a native of LaSalle,  Ill., was an Air Force veteran of the Gulf War.

Services will be Friday at Shannon Funeral Home.