Shelby Industries launches new Web site

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Expansion into new markets is the key

By Lisa King

Shelby Industries, an established company dating back to 1982, has launched a new Web site that will help customers take advantage of new products and services.

During the past 18 months, Shelby Industries has expanded into new markets by promoting services in metal stamping, custom metal fabrication, welding, zinc plating, engineering services, construction products, logistic services and subassemblies.

Since 1982, the company, which has 72 employees at its facility on McDaniel Road, has manufactured and distributed towing, trailering, lifting and leveling components to numerous industries in North America and around the world.

Its new Web site is a secure, online store where purchases can be made factory-direct.

Shelby's president and CEO, Vivek Sarin, said the upgrade of the business as well as the new Web site has been in the works since well before the current recession.

"At www.shelbyindustries.com, guests can not only easily learn about our company but also review our full selection of products, capabilities and services," he said. "We are passionate about manufacturing in America and engineering solutions that help our customers.

"Even though 'Made in the USA' is not as cherished as it once was by today's buyers, we believe that our greatest days lie ahead as we reposition ourselves and keep our eyes set on the rebound to come in our economy."

He added that the new Web site ties it all together for the company through detailing the company's "endless capabilities."

Raque Thomas, the company's national director of sales, said the site is not only very user-friendly, featuring a help center, but it also lets customers process orders in their online store with just a few clicks.

"This is a great help to our in-house customer service team," he said. "Shelby's online store has now been active for one month, and first period sales results have significantly surpassed all expectations.

"We are thrilled that we now have a reliable online tool in place to help customers find what they want, make a purchase and move on and enjoy using the products that help them work or play."

In addition to the online store, the Web site, designed by Media Marketers in Louisville, also features an introductory walk-out video, and an Intranet system.