Shelby County School Board: State to release junior ACT scores

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District hopes to continue a growth trend

The Shelby County Board of Education will review the ACT scores for its 2012-13 juniors during Thursday’s regular meeting, at 7 p.m. at district’s offices, 1133 Main Street.

The state of Kentucky requires all high school juniors to take the ACT in the spring.

Last year’s results were a mix for the district. Although the schools continued to show solid improvements, the scores still trailed ACT and state benchmarks that predict success in college.

The 2012 district averages were: English, 17.7, Math, 18.8, Reading, 19.1, and Science, 19.

And the score in science was the only one not to improve.

Individually, the school’s scores show Shelby County with the most improvement. Those scores were:

English – SCHS 18.5; Collins 17.5

Math – SCHS 19.1; Collins 18.9

Reading – SCHS 19.8; Collins 18.9

Science – SCHS 19.5; Collins 19.9

All four SCHS scores topped the state averages, and Collins’ scores topped the state’s averages in math and science.

The ACT benchmarks – 18 in English, 22 in math, 21 in reading and 24 in science – however, well exceeded the district’s scores, as did the state benchmarks.

Kentucky has its own benchmark standards for college success within state schools. Last year’s standards were 18 in English, 19 in reading and 21 in math. The Kentucky standards did not recognize a benchmark for science last year.

The benchmarks show the minimum score to indicate a 50 percent chance at obtaining a B or better in a corresponding course or about a 75 percent chance of scoring a C or better.

Enrollment data from 2011 showed that the two largest universities in the state – the universities of Kentucky and Louisville – saw the majority of their freshmen students score between 21 and 28 in English and 20 and 27 in math, well above the district and state averages.

However, Eastern and Western Kentucky freshmen scored between 18 and 24 in English and 17 and 25 in math, putting Shelby County’s average scores in the bottom 25 percent of their enrolled students.

ACT results reported at this time do not include seniors taking the test. Students can continue to take the test and improve on their scores throughout their junior and senior years. The results to be reported this week are a compilation of the state’s mandated testing of juniors.

Also at the meeting, the board will:

  • Hear an update on the building projects for the Northside Early Childhood Center and the new Southside Elementary School, and consider a change order for the Northside project.
  • Consider approval of emergency certified substitute teachers.
  • Consider approval of leaves of absence requests.
  • Consider approval of waiving board policy to allow Collins orchestra and Shelby County choir and orchestra students to travel on Sunday and use a common carrier Jan. 16-21.
  • Consider approval of the regular board meeting minutes from the July 11 meeting.
  • Consider a positive first reading on revised SCPS board policies and review of administrative procedure, as submitted.