Shelby County School Board approves footprint for new Southside

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Board members learn how to go paperless

By Lisa King

Kerry Whitehouse, assistant superintendent for operations, presented for approval Thursday the schematic design for the new Southside Elementary School, and the board voted its approval.

The schematic consisted of the basic framework of the building.

“The reddish portion you see on [on a graphic submitted] is the initial schematic design, and all the other colors remain to be put together,” he told the board about a color-coded diagram of the new school.

Architects from K Norman Berry had presented the board and the public with a look at their proposed floor plan for the 2-story, walk-out school with a glass-walled media center, which could have an extended roof to make room for a reading garden.

The office area would have a lookout overhang to give administration a way to look down to the second floor media center, gym and cafeteria. 

At the board’s meeting Sept. 15, architects had described plans for the facility in more detail, including plans for storm drainage .

The school’s storm draining system is not yet fully designed, but will have storm basins in the parking lot and catch basins in the yard around the school. Also, the building will not have any flat roofs, but will instead use a sloped roof to help drainage as well the width of its hallways and other accoutrements.

The schematic approved Thursday was only for the basic structure of the facility, which Public Relations Coordinator Duanne Puckett described as a “footprint” of how the buildings and parking lot would be placed on the property.

The look of the building and other features, such as outdoor classrooms, playground and other things will be determined at a later date. 


Going paperless

Thursday night’s meeting was also a learning experience for board members in using a “paperless agenda.”

Two policy consultants and e-trainers from the Kentucky School Board Association, Katrina Kinman and Kim Barker, walked board members through using an electronic agenda, showing them how to open attachments and other documents electronically, in lieu of the old-fashioned way.

Barker said she thought board members did fairly well, but she plans to come back for at least one more training session.

“Some districts require at least a couple [of training sessions], and some might need half a dozen,” she said.

Kinman said Shelby County soon would join the ranks of the 61 of the state’s 174 school districts to go to paperless school board agendas.

Barker said the most difficult thing for board members initially is just getting into the electronic mindset.

“Most people have told us that the hardest thing is that they have been used to having a paper copy in front of them that they can look through, and when you have to click to open a document, it’s not presented in the same way,” she said. “But we have found that most people, when they get used to it, like the paperless agenda just as well.”


Also at the meeting, the board:

§       Tabled the awarding of a bid for an in-ground lift for the bus garage because only one bid had been received, at $112,818, a price the board felt was too costly. Whitehouse said he would like to have more bids.

§       Approved the $148,370 payment for a roof replacement project for Shelby County High School to Geoghegan Roofing Corporation.

§       Approved Corey Logsdon of East Middle School as Admissions and Release Committee chairperson for the 2011-12 school year.

§       Had a closed session for the purpose of discussing future acquisition or sale of real property and to discuss proposed or pending litigation.