Shelby County Fiscal Court: Fishing area to open on Benson Road

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State fish and wildlife will pay for parking area, county will maintain

By Lisa King

The county has made it easier for people to fish near the bridge on Benson Road at Guist Creek Lake.

Shelby County Fiscal Court agreed Tuesday to execute a memorandum of agreement with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife to designate a public fishing area on Benson Road, about a mile east of Rocket Lane.

“Anybody that’s been in the county for any length of time at all knows that out past the bridge, people have been pulling off for years and years on Benson Road at Guist Creek to go fishing,” Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger said. “Fish and Wildlife was able to get some federal funding to purchase some additional space there, and they’ve gone in and really cleaned up that fishing area there and made it available for anybody who is a licensed fisherman.”

Rothenburger said the department is in the process of putting in a short gravel road and plans to install a boat dock in the near future. He said not only does this provide more space for people to pull off and park, but it also makes it safer for them to do so.

“I’ve been out there, and they’ve [Fish and Wildlife officials] done a tremendous amount of work cleaning all that up,” he said. “The only thing they ask is to enter into an agreement with Shelby County Fiscal Court to keep the property maintained. Mr. [Clay] Cottongim and I have met with them, and he said the parks will do what they can, and Ms. [Kathy] Ranard with Clean Community said they will help also, essentially to help keep the grass mowed and to keep the trashed picked up. I think it will be a tremendous benefit to Shelby County and will compliment what we already have, which is a tremendous parks and recreations system, along with Guist Creek Marina and boat dock.”

Magistrate Michael Riggs asked if the area now would be included in the parks system, but Rothenburger said no, the property will be owned by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Budget amendments

The court also approved first readings for several budget amendments, including an increase of $164,895 in the county’s general fund.

“The biggest portion of that is coming from occupational [taxes], which is one hundred and five thousand dollars, and then two repayments of five-thousand dollars each are coming from government agencies, from Homeland Security and state grants,” Rothenburger said.

The ambulance fund also was increased by $12,500 from the funds being added to from the general fund and by $6,011 from increased receipts, Rothenburger said.

The road fund also increased by $31,661 from truck license refunds.

The county also accepted the decision of the State Local Debt Officer, who gave the fiscal court an A+ rating in order to refinance the Clear Creek Park Family Activity Center and the Shelby County Detention Center.


Also at the meeting, magistrates:

§       Approved the appointment of Lucien Hunter as part-time litter abatement technician at $9 per hour.

§       Approved declaring a 1992 Ford Van as surplus property and donating it for the use of the Shelby County No Kill Mission.

§       Approved giving $500 to the Mount Eden Ruritan Club for Christmas in Mount Eden to be held Dec. 7.

§       Approved giving $500 for the Farm-City celebration that was held Tuesday night.

§       Approved release of funds in the amount of $16,000 for the next phase of the renovation of the new EMS station, which will include dry walling.