Shelby County Fair Horse Show, June 27, 2009

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By The Staff

Results from Wednesday's competition at the Shelby County Fair Horse Show.

Listed: Horse, rider, owner

Class 1: Five Gaited Adult Amateur

1. Last Serenade, Victoria Reed, Victoria Reed

2. Hey Joe, Burlington Saddlebreds, Cyndi Simmons

3. Temptress Too, C. Jean and Christopher Nalley, Christopher Nalley

4. Lakeview's Rare A Phi, Hillcroft Farm, Misdee Wrigley Miller

5. Imperiatptor, Laurel Nelson, Laurel Nelson

Class 2: Junior Roadster Pony

1. Johnny Walter Red, Roger Sims, Roger Sims

Class 3: Three Gaited Park Open

1. Cumberland Crescent, Ed and Candi Aversenti, Alex Willie Irmittier

2. Hillside's Sensation, Jennifer and Steven McGowan, Jennifer McGowan

3. Starlight's Rock A Bay, Linda Smootz, Brian Chappell

4. Born Ideal, Aliyah Asch, Rob Tanner

5. Sweet Southern Comfort, Donald Brockman, Brandy Johnson

Class 4: Three Gaited Show Pleasure Adult Amateur

1. Heart of Steel, Wallen Central, Marsha Jons

2. Ridgefield's Fireman, Laurel Nelson, Laurel Nelson

3. Snap To It, Barbara Thureson, Aubri Kennamer

4. Worth Waiting On, Olivia Mattingly, John Stutts

5. Bagger Vance, Natalie Hall, Natalie Hall

Class 5: Five Gaited Novice

1. Ashlyn's Voodoo Charm, Ashlyn Farms LLC, Rob Byers

2. Don't Ask Me, Pleasantview Farm, Kelsey Price

3. Sangria Splash, Darrell Case and Willowbank Farm, Darrell Case

4. Rock This Town, Carolyn Garrett, George Knight

5. Be Faithful, Carl Fisher, Wyatt DeHart

Class 6: Pleasure Horse Pony Walk Trot

1. Abe, Frickey Farm Inc., Karen Frickey

2. Worthy First Lady, Melanie Peterson, Elizabeth Peterson

3. Plumyumi, Maise Benfield, Maise Benfield

Class 7: Jr. Exhibitor Country Pleasure

1. Magic Legacy, James and Tyler Quiram, Tyler Quiram

2. Wings Main Attraction, Margo Fitch, Tyler Miles

3. Mahvalous Guy, Johnny and Randi Barnes, Randi Barnes

4. Man In Charge, Kristen and Patricia Shaver, Kristen Shaver

5. America's Lass, Suzanne Bradshaw, Alexandra Sowell

Class 8: Fine Harness 2-year-old

1. Kentucky Proud, Tandy Patrick, Peter Palmer

2. Too Hot To Handle, Rosemary Pelfrey, James Wallen

Class 9: UPHA Walk/Trot Challenge Cup

1. Worthy's Hale Bop, Cynthia and Lindsey Slemmons, Lindsey Slemmons

2. CH Preferred Prince, Ann Marie Brickzen, Isabel Mitchell

3. Miss Mheiry Mac, Nicole Reason, Haley Mitchell

Class 10: Roadster to Bike Open

1. Fed Ex, Raymond Shively, Mike Felty

2. Rapid Design, Steve Crabtree, Derrick Westbrook

3. Daddy Sez Smokem, Kim Crabtree, Wendy Winstead

4. Champion Blackjack, Bill Knight and Dr. Scott Bennett, Bill Knight

Class 11: Adult Country Pleasure

1. CH Callaway's Rockaway, C. Jean Nalley, Christopher Nalley

2. Showboat's Boogey Man, Mary Sue Walker, Kahla Buthlay

3. Happenstance, Debbie Wathen, Leann Bruce

4. Upton Sinclair, Scarlett Mattson and Bandy Acres Farm, Charlotte Kurtz

5. Furby, Hill Country Acres, Dana Abondolo

Class 12: Hackney Pony Open

1. Heartland Elise, Golden Creek Farm, Mary Gaylord McClean

2. Showtime's So Tuff, Showtime Saddlebreds, Dr. Bing Crosby

Class 13: Amateur Three Gaited

1. Madeira's Love, Fox Grape Farms, Owen Weaver

2. Hillcroft Claret, Hillcoft Farm, Misdee Wrigley Miller

3. Callaway's Blue Waltz, Susan Olcott, Susan Olcott

4. Angel Innocence, Dozer Elliot, Laura Michelle

5. Handsome Heir, Susan Hanna, Susan Hanna

Class 14: Five Gaited 3-year-old

1. Tremendous Style, Patrice and Joe O'Brien and Ashlyn Farms, Rob Byers

2. King Coconut, Carl Fischer, Peter Palmer

3. The Daily Show, High Hickory Farm, Mike Tunstall

4. Radiant Day, Grand Vin Stables, James Wallen

5. Juniper Spring, Wendy Winstead, Peter Mace

Class 14.1: Junior Three Gaited Park Horse

1. Simbara's Belle Michelle, Jack McAllister Equine, Grey Ridge Farm and HY Horse Farm

2. Blue Bonnet's Great Scott, Edmund Perwein, Sandra Currier