Shed burns to ground

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Wood burning stove is cause

By Lisa King

A storage shed at Kinser and 9th Street churned out a "copious amount of flames and black smoke," as it burned down Friday afternoon, Shelbyville Assistant Fire Chief Troy Ethington said.

"It was fully involved when we got here," he said.

Ethington said the cause of fire is going to be considered accidental.

"It was caused by the man who owns the shed, who was burning some documents in a wood-burning stove," he said.

Ethington said the man, who lives in a house located beside the shed, did not know that a pipe that was supposed to be attached to the stove was not in its proper position.

"He did not realize it until after he had left," he said.

No one was injured in the blaze, but Ethington said he had initially been worried that the water used to fight the fire would cause ice to freeze later that night, but firefighters were able to avoid getting much water on the road, since the  burning shed was located about 50 feet from the sidewalk. Firefighters also were worried about nearby houses catching fire at first, but fire crews worked rapidly to keep that from happening.

"We had some other structures near the burning shed, but we knocked the fire down quick, about five minutes after we got here," Ethington said.

School children returning home from school in the Martinsville area, as well as their parents, were somewhat inconvenienced by the fire, however, as the fire happened shortly before 3 p.m. in the afternoon and several streets were blocked by fire trucks.

"We contacted the school board so they could get the buses on alternate routes, and they contacted the parents and let them know," Ethington said.