Sentinel-News Plus moves to Tuesday

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Move will aid advertisers

By The Staff

Sentinel-News Plus is moving to a new delivery date.

Effective this Tuesday, look for the Sentinel-News Plus to be delivered to your mailbox.

Formally delivered on Mondays, with some carrier deliveries on the weekend, Sentinel-News Plus is newspaper’s Total Market Coverage(TMC) newspaper that reaches every household in Shelby County.

Sentinel-News Plus is designed to bring you a culmination of activities in the area for the week as well as pertinent news that may not have made it into The Sentinel-News on Wednesdays and Fridays. It also features puzzles, recipes and Horace Brown’s bird-watching column for your enjoyment.

Moving to Tuesday will allow our advertisers to launch mid-week specials and have them reach homes in a timely manner. This move also avoids Monday holidays from the United States Postal Service, which led to delivery on Tuesday's anyway.

If you do not receive your Sentinel-News Plus with your Tuesday mail, please call 502-633-2526.