SCHS soccer player going Division I

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Shuck inks with Belmont University

By Todd Martin

The culmination of a dream and years of hard work came together for Bradley Shuck on Tuesday afternoon in the SCHS cafeteria.

Shuck, a senior leader and defenseman for the Rockets' soccer team, signed his letter-of-intent to play soccer at Belmont University in Nashville.

“This is what Bradley’s been working for, and it’s an amazing accomplishment,” SCHS Coach B.J. Andriot said. “All his hard work, the camps, the travel, it’s all paid off.”

His dad, Tim Shuck, said Bradley has focused on this goal for a long time.

“It’s been his dream since he was a little kid,” Tim said. “He’s worked very hard to get there. He’s constantly working out, practicing, doing whatever it takes to get there.”

Andriot said Shuck is an ideal Division I player.

“If I were coaching a Division I school, Bradley is exactly the type of player I’d want,” he said. “He has a great attitude, his work ethic is great, and his skills are tremendous. Belmont is really lucky to get him.”

Several other schools were in touch for Shuck’s services, but when it came down to it, he chose Belmont.

“I didn’t know a lot about Belmont at first, but once we did some research, I really liked it,” he said. “One reason was because of the pharmacy program, and also they just made an offer that I couldn’t refuse.”

Tim Shuck said the school kind of surprised the family.

“We heard from a lot of different schools – Evansville, Ohio State, Notre Dame – but we never heard from Belmont,” he said. “But once the head coach called, we found out that they had been watching Bradley since his sophomore year. He knew things that only a parent would know. It’s amazing how closely they watch these kids.”

Shuck burst on the national scene after his United club team won state his sophomore and junior years and earned trips to the regional tournaments.

“Those tournaments are just crawling with college coaches,” Tim Shuck said.

Belmont also offered Bradley a chance to play in a new facility and play right away.

“They’re opening a new facility in 2010, so that’s going to be pretty neat,” Bradley Shuck said. “And the coach said I have a pretty good chance to step in and play right away. They just lost a senior who played my position, center backfield.”

Plus, Shuck’s friends and family can still see him play in Nashville.

“It’s far enough that I can get away, but it’s close enough to that I can come home whenever I want,” he said.