SCHS to adopt 3-term calendar

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By Lisa King

Shelby County High School will switch its school calendar next year from the semester schedule that has been in place for years to a 3-session structure, Shelby County High School Principal Michael Rowe said Friday.

That new calendar, consisting of three 12-week sessions, was approved this week by the school's site-based decision-making council. That means this change does not require approval by the school board.

The calendar's first session will run from school opening until late October or early November, and the next 12-week session will start right afterwards, though it will be split in half by winter break. The third session will begin sometime in February and take students up until the end of the school year.

Rowe said no specific dates have been selected yet. That will be done in March, when the school board also will take a closer look at the plan.

He did not specifically address how Honors or Advance Placement courses would work within this new structure, but he said the council decided to enact this calendar for a number of reasons.

"To begin with, most of the schools in Jefferson County have been doing this for a while, and Anderson County is going to it next year as well," he said.

He also said the new schedule will allow teachers to give intervention to students who may be falling behind.

"This will allow us to bring them back up to where they should be, and it will also let us work with gifted students to allow them to work at a higher level," he said. "This will let us take them as high as they want to go.

 "We are all really excited about this. We think it will really help our students."