School menus - Sept. 2-5

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By The Staff

We're looking for a few extra sets of hands

A job in your child's school cafeteria allows you to be at home when your family needs you there. Call today for more information -- 502-633-2375

Monday -- No school - Labor Day holiday

Tuesday -- Elementary: Spaghetti w/meat sauce or cheese and crackers, tossed salads, carrots, garlic cheese breadstick, oranges, applesauce or fruit cocktail, milk

B = Chicken biscuit or grilled cheese

HIGH SCHOOL: Sausage or ham slice or sausage anc cheese muffin, egg patty/baked apples, hash brown wedge, biscuit/white gravy, margarine/jelly, apples, mandarin oranges, pears, milk

B = Sausage and cheese muffin or grilled cheese

Wednesday -- ELEMENTARY: Hamburger or cheeseburger or pretzel w/cheese sauce, potato smiles, ketchup/ mustard, lettuce/ tomato, pickle/onion, oranges, applesauce or fruit cocktail, milk (Painted Stone has Papa John's Pizza

B = Breakfast pizza or yogurt and crackers

HIGH SCHOOL: Pork chop, oven fried chicken or spicy chicken sandwich, mashed pota-toes, peas and carrots, roll w/margarine, apples, man-darin oranges, pears, milk

B = Breakfast pizza or bagel w/toppings

Thursday -- ELEMENTARY: Tacos or chicken fajitas, lettuce/tomato, cheese/taco sauce, sour cream/salsa, Mexican rice, oranges, applesauce or fruit cocktail, milk

B = Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit or cheese and crackers

HIGH SCHOOL: Corn dog, grilled cheese or ham & cheese wrap, ketchup/mustard, tater tots, green beans, fresh veggies w/ranch, apples, mandarin oranges, pears, milk

B = Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit or cheese and crackers

Friday -- ELEMENTARY: Chicken nuggets or cheese and crackers, mashed potatoes, peas, roll w/ margarine, BBQ sauce/ ketchup, honey mustard, oranges, applesauce or fruit cocktail, milk

B = Ring donuts or breakfast taco

HIGH SCHOOL: Fish sandwich, chicken patty on bun or corn dog, ketchup/tartar sauce, mustard, French fries, macaroni and cheese, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk

B = Ring donuts or biscuit and jelly

Mealpay/Plus for school meals is improved - The online payment system for parents to access cafeteria accounts is "new and improved," according to Mealpay/Plus program contacts. If Parents/Guardians have questions about MealPay's website or telephone functionality or payment process questions, they can call the new MealpayPlus Parent support Center at 1-877-237-0946 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. Breakfast, $1.05, lunch $1.75. (We provide free and reduced-price meals, $.30 for breakfast, $.40 for lunch, for eligible students. Call the school for details.) AVAILABLE DAILY! Papa John's and Little Caesar's Pizza available once monthly at each elementary school. Uncrustables, salad and yogurt with crackers available daily as an entree choice. Menus subject to change due to availability of food. COW-ABUNGA! Choice of milk served with all complete meals: Nonfat white, lowfat white, lowfat strawberry, lowfat chocolate. AUGUST BIRTHDAYS: John McCain (72), Aug. 29. NUTRITION: Probably the best way to judge a watermelon's ripeness is the color of the underside that sits on the ground - it should be yellow or creamy colored, not white or pale green. Melons don't ripen further once they have been picked, and a greenish-white underside means a melon was picked too soon.