School menus - Jan. 14-18

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By The Staff

Monday -- Corn dog or pretzel w/cheese sauce, ketchup/mustard, hash brown stick, green beans, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk

B = Pizza strip or cinnamon pancakes

Tuesday -- Turkey combo and cheese sub or BBQ pork rib on bun, salad dressing/ mustard, lettuce/tomato, macaroni and cheese, pickle spears, banana, pineapple or peaches. Heritage has little Caesars

B = Chicken & Biscuit & breakfast buns

Wednesday -- Tacos or chicken fajitas, lettuce/tomato, sour cream/salsa, cheese sauce, taco sauce, corn, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk

B = Breakfast pizza or oatmeal

Thursday -- Turkey roast w/gravy or chicken strips, BBQ sauce/sweet and sour sauce/honey mustard, white rice, broccoli, roll w/margarine, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk

B = Sausage biscuit or uncrustable

Friday -- Bologna and cheese sandwich or ham sandwich, mustard/

mayo/ salad dressing, lettuce/tomato, pickle spears/pretzels, baby carrots w/ranch, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk

B = Ring donuts or biscuit and jelly

Mealpay/Plus for school meals is improved - The online payment system for parents to access cafeteria accounts is "new and improved," according to Mealpay/Plus program contacts. In addition to a new state-of-the-art parent support center, parents also now have the ability to view pending and confirmed payments. Due to the system upgrades, parents will need to register or re-register their account on www.mealpayplus.com - instructions are listed on that website. All account balances and deposits made through Mealpay/Plus through the end of 2007 will reflect on the new account. For those parents not familiar with the system, parents/guardians may go into the Mealpay system to enter money for children for breakfast/lunch meal accounts at anytime. There is a $2 fee per entry. Parents can also check online and see how the child is spending the money. If Parents/Guardians have questions about MealPay's website or telephone functionality or payment process questions, they can call the new MealpayPlus Parent support Center at 1-877-237-0946 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. You don't have to break the bank to enjoy a great meal with us. Breakfast, $1.05, lunch $1.75. (We provide free and reduced-price meals, $.30 for breakfast, $.40 for lunch, for eligible students. Call the school for details. Our menu will features regular Wellness tips, showing how diet, exercise, and taking care of ourselves can help ensure that we stay healthy and at the top of our games! AVAILABLE DAILY! Peanut butter and jelly uncrustables, entree salad or yogurt and crackers as a choice of entree along with those listed daily. Domino's and Little Caesar's Pizza served on a rotating basis. AMOORICAN IDOL: Choice of milk is served with all complete meals - low fat chocolate, low-fat white and non-fat white. WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO COOL OFF A HOT PEPPER? Drink a glass of milk. Your mouth feels the heat because of a chemical in hot peppers called 'capsaicin.' Water (and most other beverages) can't do much to ease the burn. But milk contains a substance called 'casein' which acts to scrub away the hot stuff. JANUARY BIRTHDAYS: Dwayne Wade (26), Jan. 17; Dolly Parton (62), Jan. 19; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jan. 27