School menus - Dec. 10-14

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By The Staff

Monday -- Corn dog or chicken nuggets, ketchup/mustard, BBQ sauce/sweet and sour sauce/honey mustard, French fries, baby carrots/ranch, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk

B = Pizza strip or cinnamon pancakes

Tuesday -- Turkey sandwich or ham sandwich with or without cheese, salad dressing/ mustard, lettuce/tomato, tomato soup, baked chee-tos, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk (Simpsonville has Little Caesar's pizza)

B = Chicken biscuit or breakfast bun

Wednesday -- Chicken patty or beef and macaroni casserole, BBQ sauce/ketchup, green beans, carrots, roll w/margarine, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk

B = Breakfast pizza or oatmeal

Thursday -- Pepperoni or cheese pizza or cheese and crackers, corn, tossed salad, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk

B = Sausage biscuit or uncrustable

Friday -- Hot dog or tuna salad and crackers, ketchup/mustard, macaroni and cheese, green beans, banana, pineapple or peaches, milk

B = Ring donuts or biscuit and jelly

Our menu will features regular Wellness tips, showing how diet, exercise, and taking care of ourselves can help ensure that we stay healthy and at the top of our games! AVAILABLE DAILY! Peanut butter and jelly uncrustables, entree salad or yogurt and crackers as a choice of entree along with those listed daily. Domino's and Little Caesar's Pizza served on a rotating basis. AMOORICAN IDOL: Choice of milk is served with all complete meals - low fat chocolate, low-fat white and non-fat white. MEALPAYPLUS - ONLINE PREPAYMENT SYSTEM. Powered by Horizon Software International, LLC. Pay for meals on-line at Mealpayplus.com. Spare poor piggy. You don't have to break the bank to enjoy a great meal with us. We beg you - LET THE PIG LIVE! Breakfast, $1.05, lunch $1.75. (We provide free and reduced-price meals, $.30 for breakfast, $.40 for lunch, for eligible students. Call the school for details.

Happy 2007 holidays from Evell Coomer, food service coordinator, and all the food service staff of Shelby County Public Schools

Last day of school for the year will be Tuesday, Dec. 18; classes resume Thursday, Jan. 3