School menus: Aug. 7 through 9

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Breakfast available daily: White milk (12g), strawberry milk (25g), chocolate milk (23g), apple juice (14g), grape juice (18g), orange juice (13g), fresh apple (10.5g), fresh orange (9g), fresh banana (26g). Cereal bars – A selection from the following will be available: Cinnamon Toast Crunch (27g), Cocoa Puff (28g), Trix (28g), Team Cherrios Strawberry (28g), blueberry (30g) or strawberry Nutri Grain bar (29g), strawberry (24g) or chocolate chip oatmeal bar (24g). Cereal – Monday, Wednesday and Friday: reduced sugar Apple Jacks (19g), Fruity Cheerios (20g), Cocoa Puffs (20g), reduced sugar Fruit Loops (19g), reduced sugar Trix (18g), Rice Chex (GF) (16g); Tuesday and Thursday Chocolate Frosted Mini Wheats (23g), RS Frosted Flakes Multigrain (24g), Frosted Mini Wheats (23g), Golden Grahams. Breakfast, $1.05; lunch $1.95. Learn more about free and reduced-price meals in the district, call 633-2375 or evell.coomer@shelby.kyschools.us.


Elementary schools– Breakfast: breakfast pizza (24g), WG apple muffin (26g); entrées: hot dog (1g) on bun (22g), chicken tender wrap w/cheese; sides: vegetarian baked beans (33g), cole slaw (8g), fresh apple (10.5g), mandarin oranges (19g); condiments: mustard (0g), ketchup (2g), ranch (1.9g). Don’t forget your milk.

Middle schools– Breakfast: cinnamon roll (36g), cherry frudel (36g); entrées: Big Daddy cheese (33g) and pepperoni pizza (33g), mini corn dogs (30g), pretzel (28g) w/cheese sauce (6g); sides: tossed salad (4.48g), corn (17.7g), fresh apple (10.5g), mandarin oranges (19g); condiments: ketchup (2g), mustard (0g), ranch (1.9g). Don’t forget your milk.


Elementary schools– Breakfast: WG mini blueberry waffles (38g), WG banana muffin (26g); entrées:  grilled cheese (V) (29g), honey BBQ pork bites w/WG roll; sides: Sunshine carrots tater tots w/ketchup, fresh apple (10.5g), mixed fruit (16g), pudding cup; condiments: ketchup (2g). Don’t forget your milk

Middle schools– Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza (24g), sausage pancake bites (19g) Syrup; entrées: hamburger (30g)/cheeseburger (31g), hot dog (27g); sides: baked French fries (18g), cole slaw (8g), lettuce/tomato, pickle slices (.8g)/onions, fresh apple (10.5g), peaches (16.5g), WG chocolate chip cookie (19g); condiments: ketchup (2g), mustard (0g), salad dressing (1g). Don’t forget your milk.


Elementary schools– Breakfast: Breakfast wrap (14g), WG chocolate chip muffin (27g); entrées:  WG cheese pizza (V)(36g), WG pepperoni pizza (P)(34g); sides: corn, Nantucket blend fresh apple(10.5g), sliced pears(17g). Don’t forget your milk.

Middle schools– Breakfast: egg and cheese biscuit (27g) WG strawberry Pop tart (38g) and cereal; entrée: cheesy max sticks (34g) w/marinara Sauce (8g), fish nuggets (21g)w/WG hash puppies (12.5g), Sunbutter box; sides: fresh baby carrots (4.22g), confetti veggies, fresh apple (10.5g), sliced pears (17g), WG chocolate chip cookie (19g); condiments: ranch dressing (1.9g), ketchup( 2g). Don’t forget your milk.

October birthdays: Barack Obama (52), Aug. 4; Louis Armstrong, Aug. 4; Sidney Crosby (26), Aug. 7; Dorothy Parker, Aug. 22; China Anne McClain (15), Aug. 25; Lea Michele (27), Aug. 29