School board to look at MAP scores

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Meeting gives board members a chance to make comparisons

By Lisa King

The final round of MAP testing scores for the past school year will be reviewed by the Shelby County School Board on Thursday night.

Deputy Superintendent Lisa Smith will present the scores to the board, for a spring-to-spring comparison as an indication of how students have progressed in their academic year.

The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test is given to students (excluding seniors) three times a year, to help teachers and administrators gauge students’ progress during the school year and throughout their education in the district. The first test of the school year is given in the fall, the second in February and the final exam takes place in the spring.

The computerized test, which was created by the Northwest Evaluation Association and tests over a million students nationwide, gives the district an evaluation of where students stand against a national standard.

When the board reviewed MAP scores in February, the results were somewhat disappointing, showing a decline in reading and math overall, with the biggest drop coming in reading among first-grade students, with 12 percent fewer students (from 69 to 57 percent) scored at or above grade level.

Eighth-graders were also down (4 percent), as were juniors (3 percent) and freshmen (1 percent).

Smith said at that time that middle-school scores saw just between 2 and 3 percent growth, and that high school scores needed to be monitored.

On the bright side, second-graders saw an 11 percent increase in reading, third-graders, 10 percent, fourth-grade, 3 percent and fifth-grade, 6 percent.

Math scores also dropped, with third and fourth graders at 5 percent, and eighth-graders dropped 6 percent.

However, increases in math scores were seen as well, with first and second grades both up 3 percent, fifth grade, 7 percent, seventh grade, 4 percent, freshmen up 2 percent and juniors up 1 percent.

In addition to the usual board business, such as the superintendent’s report, staff reports will include graduation live streaming.


Also on Thursday, the board will:

§       Consider waiving board policy to allow Collins and Shelby County high schools’ boys and girls soccer teams and SCHS’ volleyball team to participate in the Bluegrass State Games on July 28.

§       Consider approval of awarding contract for sanitation services for the 2013-14 school year.