School board frees up money

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By Todd Martin

The Shelby County Board of Education was able to free up some money for other projects at Thursday's meeting.

After updating the finance application for Collins High School at its meeting July 8 and adding $2.3 million back into the building fund, the board was able to move the funding of the Collins Athletic Complex from the general fund to the building fund. That also includes the recent building change orders to remove unsuitable soils from the parking lots of the school and baseball/softball fields.

In total, the change will deduct about $2.5 million from the building fund.

The move was made because of the stringent nature of the building fund. Money in the building fund can only be used for construction, and according to the district's facility plan. projects must be completed in order. That would tie money in the building fund to be spent next on a new elementary school on Discovery Boulevard.

Greg Murphy, the district's director of finance, said this change would allow the district to use the money more freely.

"The general fund is much more flexible than the building fund," he told the board.

That money can now be used to do other district improvements at any school.

Summer school report

Superintendent James Neihof told the board that a report on summer school results must be pushed back because of the availability of the MAP testing data. "We thought we could have that report as early as September, but now, more than likely, it will be in early October instead," he said.

Collins occupancy

The district could have permanent occupancy of Collins High School as early as next week with Monday, Aug. 2, as the earliest targeted date.