The roof is up, and the store is open

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By Todd Martin

After struggling through the building process, Family Video will finally open its doors today.

The store, located at 1733, Midland Trail, saw its roof collapse twice during construction, but now the store has a roof and is full of new videos just wanting to be rented.

Store Manager Adam Wainwright said the Family Video stands out from the pack.

“We strive to become a big part of the communities that we’re in,” Wainwright said. “We want to get out and do some work in the community. You’re not going to find us down among all the skyscrapers in a big city. We’re family oriented and community- based, and that’s why Shelbyville was the perfect place for us.”

Based in Illinois, Family Video is the largest privately owned movie and game rental chain, and the third-largest overall. Shelbyville’s store is one of more than 550 stores that stretch over 18 states.

Wainwright noted a couple of key philosophies that Family Video stands behind.

“The reason we’re successful is our great customer service and our prices. We strive to set the standard in both those areas.”

Along with hundreds of new releases and games, the store also offers more than 5,000 titles available for just $1, and it features a free kids section.

“We want to make sure that we’re here for people that maybe only have a couple of dollars in their pocket but still want a night of entertainment,” Wainwright said.

Along with a large selection and discounted titles, Wainwright said the store will strive to make movie-renting fun.

“We want to create an atmosphere like a night at the movies,” he said. “We’ll have theme nights and movie trivia.”

This weekend Wainwright said the store will be active in trying to get the word out.

“We’ve already been out to local businesses, using word-of-mouth to let people know what we’re about,” he said. “And this weekend, for our opening, we’ll have some giveaways, random prizes, some games and movie trivia. We just want people to have fun when they come into Family Video.”