Romney, Massie dominate donations

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Shelby, Kentucky reverses giving trend from 2008

By Todd Martin

As President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney shuttle across the country working swing states for votes, their campaign accounts are taking big hits.

Those key votes in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin are not that close to each other.

According to financial reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, President Obama has raised more than $567 million since Jan. 1, 2011, and Romney has pulled in $361 million,  while spending about $298 million.

And since he went coast-to-coast Wednesday, hitting four time zones, Romney showed how this wall-to-wall campaigning could drain funds as the candidates hit the home stretch.

But how do Kentucky and even more specifically Shelby County fit into all this spending?

And how about the 4th Congressional District? Are Democrat William “Bill” Adkins and Republican Thomas Massie raising much money from Shelby County?

They trend quite different than do the national figures and quite different for Obama than in successful run in 2008, when he raised more money in Kentucky although he lost to John McCain in a landslide in the state.

Local presidential donations

The president hasn’t spent much time in the state that continues to be considered a strong Republican hold, but that hasn’t stopped his campaign from picking up donations in the commonwealth.

According to FEC records, Obama has received $712,312.09 in donations from individuals in Kentucky, with most collected in Louisville ( more than $266,000), and Lexington ($130,000).

Romney has had much more success in the state, nearly doubling Obama’s donations, with more than $1.3 million. That could lead to questions of the state’s Bluegrass moniker. The bulk of Romney’s donations in Kentucky also came from the Louisville ($264,000) and Lexington ($191,000).

Those numbers are lagging well behind the 2008 presidential campaign donations from the state. In 2008, Obama received $1.97 million in donations from Kentucky and Republican challenger John McCain received $1.17 million.

The same was true for county donations in 2008, as well.

Obama’s 2008 donations from Shelby County totaled just more than $18,000, and McCain’s donations were a little more than $12,000.

Of Obama’s $712,000 in Kentucky donations for this campaign, only $3,786 came from Shelby County and more than $2,100 of that from Shelbyville. Simpsonville was next in the county with about $1,400, and Waddy and Finchville chipped in with a combined $250.

The top local contributor to the president’s campaign was Susan Miles, who had two separate donations of $500.

Romney did doubled Obama’s contribution in Shelby County, pulling in $8,005 here, with nearly all of it coming from Simpsonville ($7,100).

Mary McClean led the Simpsonville donations – and the largest in the county – with more than $2,500 for the presidential challenger. Allen Purnell made two donations totaling $2,000, and Cynthia Kelley and Todd Lowe each made donations of $1,000.

Shelbyville citizens added another $605, and Pleasureville resident Victor Fallis made three separate donations of $100.

4th Congressional donations

Massie has come under fire recently for donations from outside of the state. Having raised more than $837,000, Massie pulled in just $241,114 of that from individual donations in Kentucky.

However, it still outpaces Adkins by more than double. Adkins has raised just $28,104, in individual donations from Kentucky residents.

About a quarter of Massie’s donations, about $205,000, have come from committee contributions, including $5,000 from BrettPac, the leadership PAC of Shelby County’s outgoing congressman, U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie (R-Bowling Green), and UPS and another $1,000 from Yum! Brands. He also received three $5,000 donations from Alliance Coal, LLC PAC of Tulsa, Okla.

Adkins, on the other hand, received only $33,125 from other committees. The largest donation being $5,000 from the UAW-V-CAP in Detroit and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers made four donations totaling $10,000.

In Kentucky, the Campbell County Democratic Executive Committee, Kenton County Democratic Women’s Club, TWNPAC and Yarmouth For Congress each donated $1,000.

In the county, Massie again dominated Adkins, receiving $10,550 compared to just $750 total from three campaign contributions for Adkins.

Top donors in Shelbyville were: County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger donated $1,000 to Massie’s campaign, as did Langley Farms LLC; farm owners Edward “Hoppy” Bennett, Gil Tucker, Otis Turner and John Wills each donated $500, as did Stephen Meador, owner of Pegasus Industries.

In Simpsonville, Barbara Koroluk donated $1,000 of the $2,250 from the area, and William Decker of Waddy donated $1,000.

But with more than a week to go before Election Day, both candidates likely will continue spending.

That bodes well for Massie, whose campaign at the end of September still had $195,000 cash on hand. Adkins still has $27,000 as of Oct. 17.