Roll Forming to have job fair

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By Lisa King

Roll Forming Corporation will have a job fair from 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday.

Roll Forming President Ray Leathers said the plant, located on Brooks Industrial Road, has openings for two dozen permanent employees and several temps, for all different shifts.

He said the increased need for more employees is both because the plant is experiencing growth and because of increased business.

“We’re in the middle of a new product launch, for a shelving system for Amazon warehouses,” he said.

“We have probably 24 permanent positions that we want to add because of growth of the business, but we’re also using an abnormally high number of temps at the same time.

“Prior to the recession, a lot of the manufacturing business was what we call serial, in other words, it’s like an automotive production line, you see highs and lows, but it’s fairly steady,” he said. “I would say 80 percent of our business was serial prior to the recession. Since the recession, it’s more project based now. Original equipment manufacturers, like big companies, people who supply them, don’t place orders until they get orders, so now our business is more project based, which means it comes and goes, and you see spikes in different industries and different markets throughout the year, so we had to transition and adapt to a different world. Our permanent workforce is growing as a result of a steady 8 to 10 percent growth, but right now, we’re going through one of those spikes.”

Roll Forming employs 350 people in six plants in three states; four of the plants are in Shelbyville, employing 225 workers.


What:Job fair for Roll Forming

When:Saturday, 9 to noon

Where:Roll Forming Corporation, Brooks Industrial Road