Rockets eyeing South Oldham for first win

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Shelby, Dragons both 0-8 on season

By Todd Martin

The Shelby County Rockets will have what looks like its best shot at a victory this season when South Oldham visits Robert Doyle Stadium tonight.

Both teams are 0-8 on the season, and SCHS Coach Todd Shipley said that's all the more reason the Rockets must remain focused.

"We can't take anybody lightly," he said. "South Oldham is doing the same thing we are -- 'We're playing Shelby County, so this is our best chance to get a win.' I'm more concerned about the little things we're doing that keep hurting us."

It also seems that the Rockets and Dragons have more in common than just their records.

"Obviously we're both 0-8, but even outside of that we're very similar teams," Shipley said. "South Oldham is young with just eight seniors, and they're playing a lot of sophomores up. And, they've been in close games this year. I don't know that they've had the number of injuries we have, but our seasons have been very similar."

Though the Rockets have spent the week game planning for South Oldham, Shipley said the most important thing will be eliminating mistakes.

"I'm more concerned about us and the turnovers we keep having," he said. "We have to eliminate those, we can't jump offside or give up a big play on third-and-20 -or-25."

Shipley noted the Madison Central game last week as a prime example of the Rockets hurting themselves.

"It was a lot of us creating problems," he said. "We move the ball pretty consistently, but then we throw an interception or fumble. We hold them and force a third-and-long and then give up a big play or jump offside. We just have to be a more consistent, and stop hurting ourselves."

Like Shelby County, South Oldham's offense has struggled most of the season. The Dragons are scoring just 17.25 points per game. However, unlike Shelby, the South Oldham defense has been dreadful. The Dragons are allowing more than 42 points per game - including giving up 56 Oldham, 59 to Anderson County and 51 to Nelson County.

The Rockets' offense scores at a similar clip, 16.6 per game, but the Rockets' defense has done much better, allowing 10 fewer points per game, 32.6 points. Shelby also has yet to give up 50 points, and only Scott County, 40, and Eastern, 48, have topped 40 points this season.

South Oldham's offense is very similar to Shelby's, and even the adjustments made throughout the season mirror the Rockets.

"They're going to try to spread you out and throw some short routes, but they're not afraid to take it deep," Shipley said. "But in the last couple of games, they've started to run a little more than they were."

Despite the winless records of both teams, this game could mean a lot.

"You look at your opponents record and, yeah, maybe this is [a must-win game]," Shipley said. "But we're looking at Oldham County [in the last game of the year] the same way. We have a chance to end the season 2-0 at home, and go to Male [in the playoffs] with a two-game win streak. But we can't win two without beating South Oldham."