Revere Packaging earns Supplier of the Year award from Continental

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By Walt Reichert

For a short time, the production floor at Revere Packaging in Shelbyville was a sea of blue – and not everyone was a UK fan.

The workers' sky blue shirts were a token of recognition of the food packaging company's latest award from one of its customers. Continental Airlines named Revere its Supplier of the Year for 2008.

“It's a big deal when a small plant in Shelbyville, Kentucky, supplying a large company can win recognition when we were competing with a lot of different companies,” Revere President John Wherry said. “I told the employees, 'This is your award.'”

Continental cited Revere for its service to the company at its Quality First awards banquet at the airlines headquarters in Houston, Tex., in April.

Wherry said he went to the event not realizing Revere would get the award.

“They told us it would be a good event to come to to meet some of the people in the company's food service side and see some of the products,” Wherry said. “We didn't know what was going on.”

Continental had featured Revere in its July 2008 magazine Continental, something, Wherry said, that  should have told him the company might be honored.

“But we were clueless when we went there,” he said.

Revere makes aluminum and plastic food containers for food-service industries from restaurants to airlines. Wherry said Continental asked Revere to design and make several types of packaging for the food it offers its customers.

“They could have bought the products overseas and maybe saved a little bit of money, but they didn't have the confidence factor,” Wherry said. “With us, there are no unexpected issues.”

The designation by Continental is the latest of several awards Revere has won from its customers. Delta Airlines gave Revere its Supplier of the Year designation two years in a row. Revere has also won a similar award from the Fazzoli's restaurant chain.

Revere Packaging is a company that traces its roots back more than 200 years to founder Paul Revere, of midnight-ride fame. The company, located in the Pearce Industrial Park, has about 50 employees.