Regarding Mr. Reichert and NAIS

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By The Staff

Thank you, Walt Reichert, for your well done and insightful editorial in last week's paper on the proposed National Animal Identification System (NAIS). A rich agricultural community like Shelby County is very fortunate to have someone who knows agricultural issues on staff at their local paper. Having read a number of Walt's pieces it is obvious he has a comprehensive knowledge of agricultural from the farm gate to the Washington policy makers.

While we're on the subject of NAIS, the above mentioned editorial was dead on the money. Under NAIS the Federal government wants to know about those two chickens bought for the kids last Easter, when that 4-H calf was moved from the backyard to the fairgrounds, and when your neighbor's bull jumped the border fence to visit your other neighbor's cows. The Federal Government is promoting NAIS under the guise of Homeland Security, but one would think a Government truly dedicated to improving Homeland Security would be more concerned about what comes across its own border fences than our local farmers. NAIS is costly for the farmer and the taxpayer, it is invasive, it is unreasonable, and it is unenforceable. The only ones that stand to gain from its implementation are the large corporations who will be able to pass liability on to the family farm. This is an important issue for all citizens. Thanks, Walt, for keeping it in front of us.

John L Brent,

Henry County Judge/Executive