Reduce methane gas

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By The Staff

Former vice president, AL Gore, in his book "An Inconvenient Truth", tells us about the causes and effects of global warming and what we can do about it.

The number-1 cause of global warming being industrial pollution and the number-2 cause being auto emissions.

However, Mr.Gore, does not talk about the third leading cause of global warming, which is methane gas from those Concentrated Animal Feeding Organizations (CAFOs). According to a U.N. report, emissions from those CAFOs accounts for 18 percent of the green house gases because methane gas is 20 times more effective as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere.

On any given day, there are approximately 4.4 billion cows, pigs and chickens being housed on these farms, which amounts to a lot of manure and nothing is being done about it. Some farmers pile it up into mini mountains, while others spread it over their fields or put it into waste lagoons.

The EPA requires that CAFOs report emissions from animal waste but does not set limits, it just merely requires that farms submit these reports. Now, under pressure from the livestock industry, which calls these reports "not useful" and unnecessary, the EPA wants to drop this reporting requirement, and if allowed by the Congress, will take effect this October.

The best thing we can do to limit the methane gas equation is to cut way back on the amounts of meat and dairy that we consume. At present, Americans are consuming almost twice as much as recommended by the USDA, and due to the constant advertising by the fast food industry, the demand is increasing. People need to realize that cutting back on their trips to fast food restaurants and buying factory farmed products is just as important as switching to energy efficient light bulbs and buying fuel efficient cars. They can switch to organically raised meats, milk and eggs which do not create near the amount of methane as generated by CAFOs.

To try to solve the first two causes of global warming while ignoring the third is like having an operation to remove a tumor, then ignoring an infection

Harold R. Wilson,