Real estate deeds: March 29, 2013

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Deeds are compile from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.


March 2-8

Byrn and Susanne E. Baker to Harry J. Schornberg Jr., Lot 63, North Country, Section III, $145,000

William M. and Danielle L. Wade to Elizabeth R. Vanderyt and Jessica L. Vanderyt, Lot 228, Rolling Ridge, Sec. 3B, $121,700

Gary B. Curry Building & Design Inc. to Jock E. DeGeorge, 1.61 acres on Eminence Pike, $133,500

Hebel Properties to Dale and Melissa Curtsinger, property on Shelbyville Road and Eddie Lane, $3,000

Hunter Investment Property Co. LLC to Traci and John F. Hunter Sr., Lot 78, Ken Acres, $88,000

Alderic W. and Rebecca Senecal to Rebecca S. Senecal, Tract 2B, Kramer Property, $410,000

Martin E. and Michelle Boone to Stephen L. Brown, 40.78 acres, Tract 2A, McAleer & Shuck property, $115,000

Darrin J. and Theresa H. Violi to Scott A. and Danielle N. Rizzo, Lot 16, Hunters Pointe Estates, $599,000

Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, Lot 1, Block D, Tower Heights, $1 and considerations

Ralph W. Greenwell to Katherine F. Greenwell, Lots 27-30, Block B, Greenland Park No. 2, $125,000

David C. and Melanie L. Stratton and Melanie L. Lowe to David C. and Melanie L. Stratton, Lot 124, Todds Station, Phase II, $224,000

PBI Bank Inc. to Presequity LLC, Lot 190, Bridlewood Estates, Section 3, $86,500

PBI Bank Inc. to Presequity LLC, Lot 193, Bridlewood Estates, Section 3, $86,500

PBI Bank Inc. to Presequity LLC, Lot 115, Bridlewood Estates, Section 2, $80,000

Beneficial Kentucky Inc. to Kristin B. Schoenbachler, Lot 17, Todds Station, $167,000

Dennis F. and Jessica L. Denton to Kentucky Housing Corp., Lot 194, Midland Estates, Section 9, $108,900

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Thomas B. and Lesley L. Scott, Lot 175, Cloverbrook Farms, Section 3, Phase 1, $173,437

James T. and Joanne N. Whitaker to Harold L. and Lorrie A. Hawkins, 106.4 acres south of Hempridge, $270,000

Steven W. and Charlene B. Clark to Paul Douglas Langley and Robin Green Langley, 426.619 acres in various tracts in Shelby and Henry counties, $2,559,738

Steven W. and Charlene B. Clark to Bruce Douglas Langley, 50.82 acres on Pleasureville Cropper Pike, $304,920

Courtney Land and Therese M. Keeling Land, to McCoun Farm LLC, 334 acres, various tracks on Smithfield Pike, $1.475 million

Realty Concepts LLC to Gary L. and Beverly A. Tapp, .327 acres on U.S. 60 in Clay Village, $10 and considerations

Commonwealth Bank & Trust Co. to Zoeller Properties LLC, property on Bland Avenue in Shelbyville, $45,000

Charles E. Wilson Estate, J.W. and Dorothy Wilson, Whitney Rene Wilson Dews, Michael and Andrea Rae Wilson Mueller and Zeke Dews to Rick and Christine Quire, 31 acres, Lot 4, Stratton property in Bagdad, $100,000

James M. and Lois G. Newton Trust to Robert A. Smith, 4.95 acres, parcel 3B, Newton Farm, $21,533

Robert A. Smith to Robert A. Smith, 51.89 acres, Tract 2A, Newton Farm, $1 and considerations

Charles and Deborah Jennings to Pam C. and Ricky L. Nelson, .58 acres on KY 421 and 1.44 acres, Triangle Farms, $135,000

Bank of America NA to Billy Pridemore, property on 8th and College streets in Shelbyville, $13,000

Judy K. McConnell to Thomas and Mark Kupper, 2.68 acres, Zaring Mill Road, $110,000

Dawn Kelly Belcher and Thomas Scott Belcher to Joshua C. and Leah C. Gipson, Lot 6, Block C, Ashland Heights, No. 2, $105,000

AKL Custom Homes LLC to Michael and Erin Dennis, Lot 96, North Country, Sec. 4, Phase 2, $188,500

Earl Thomas Lewis and Eve Lawson Lewis to C. Lewis Mathis Jr. and Jan M. Mathis Trust, Lots 5 and 8, Block 17, Fairview, $67,500

Stivers Land Company to Big Toe LLC, Lot 3, Warner Ayer Subdivision, $1.25 million



March 9-15

Wanda L. Harker to Steven R. Harker, property on north side of Old U.S. 60, $95,000

Kentucky Housing Corp. to David Kennedy, 5.992 acres, Tract 3, Engle Farm, $71,500

Federal National Mortgage Association to Joey Smither, Lot 25, Orchard Crossing, $75,000

Department of Veterans Affairs to Jerry R. Daniel, Lot 43, Midland Estates, Sec. II, $67,000

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to PHH Mortgage Corp. and Secretary of Housing & Urban Development,  Lots 83 and 83A, Ken Acres, $10 and considerations

David A. and Pamela J. Tournaud to Stephen D. and Janice S. Vaughan, 11.21 acres on KY 55, Lots 20-28, Block D, Winlock Court and part of home on Winlock Court, $362,500

Barbara and John Dennis Lorenz to Steve and Juanita Niswonger, Lot 79, Indian Springs, Sec. 6, $78,000

Timothy J. Bengert Trust to Saed M. Al Jabiri and Lisa M. Al Jabiri, Lot 49, Weissinger Estates, Sec. III, $325,500

Horace W. and Elizabeth C. Brown to Kathy H. Farris, Lot 73C, Trailwood Lakes No. 1, $4,950

Core P. and Stephanie L. Logsdon to Christopher S. and Jennifer L. Butts, Lot 15, Cardinal Club Estates, Phase I, $253,750

MDW Realty LLC to Christine M. and Glenn Culbertson Jr., 6.343 acres, Lot 9, Sparrow Farm, $169,500

Kentucky Plum Creek LP to William J. Case and Lisa M. Casetta, 18 acre, Lot 10-9A, Equestrian Lakes, $325,500

Citizens Union Bank to Charles E. and Deborah S. Jennings, 2.008 acres, Tract A, Ralph Dyke Farm, $89,900

Kim Oskins Builder LLC to John J. and Suzanne Brandt, Unit 4A, Building 4, Villas at Persimmon Ridge, $470,356.97

Johnna K. and Joseph V. Griffith Jr. to Amanda L. and Joey L. Renfrow, Lot 6, Country Meadows, $108,800

Terry L. and Della F. Eaves to Carol B. Saenger an Sandra J. Murphree, Lot 113, Partridge Run, Sec. III, $239,900

William B. and Jane Smith Frye to Fay T. Smith and Margaret Fay Thompson Smith, Tract 2, Smithland Estates, considerations

Presequity LLC to Carilynn N. Gravatte, .52 acres on Hinkle Lane, $100,000

Larry K. and Karen S. Duncan to Naser Mahdavi, 253.10 acres on KY 395, $663,000

Albert Moffett Inc. to Martha Moffett, Lot 3, Gardendale, Phase 2, $1,000

Kamsjem Properties LLC to Callie Walker, Lot 56, Meadowbrook No. 1, $45,000



March 16-22

Partridge Run LLC to WAS Homes LLC, Lot 129, Partridge Run, Section III, $50,000

Larry J. and Connie S. Carnell to Robert J. and Jo Lynn Federico, 25.61 acres, Sweet Home Branch, $80.000

Robert James Walters, Elizabeth Walters Settle and Kitty Walters Caudill Revocable Trust, to Horizon Louisville LLC, 1 acre on Veechdale Road, $85,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Guadalupe Vega, Lot 48, Osprey Cove, Section 1, $101,600

Keith and Helen Brubaker to James M. and Cheryl L. Jones, Lot 72, Old Mill Village, Sec. 1, $230,000

Janet Osborne to Whitney Hayse, Lot 26, Hi Point Village, Phase 1, $120,000

Gary M. and Betty Duncan to Pat Elzey, 91.67 acres on Jacksonville Elmburg Road, $260,000

Bonnie Sue and Rodger P. Brown to Bonnie Sue and Rodger P. Brown, 88 acres, 2 tracts, on Mount Eden Road, $1 and considerations

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Barbara J. Clarke and Judy Knight, Lot 11, Cloverbrook Farms, $148,500

Barbara F. Taylor Estate to Michael F. and Cathy A. Taylor, 16.36 acres, Tract 3, Floyd Farm, $66,000

Tanya D. and Matt Smothermon to Beverly J. Moulds, Lot 10, Cross Keys Shores, $85,000

Paula K. Nieto Koch and William Koch and Luci Center to Sandas Freedom Hill Farm LLC and Bernard V. and Theresa S. Vonderschmitt Trust, Tracts 23A, 19A-1-23, Gaba Farms, East Hebron, $600,000

Christopher and William Lee Perry to Patrick Lane Rogers and Lisa Ann Rogers, 38.61 acres, Tract 1, Central Bank Farm, KY 43, $207,500

James Douglas Mickey Estate to Jonathan Alan Thurman, .6419 acres on Midland Trail, $

David L. and Alicia C. Cardwell, Lots 22-25, Block A, Fieldstone Acres, No. 1, $1 and considerations

Chad H. and Dawn M. Williams to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 5.003 acres, Donnie Bohannon Farm, $254,000

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Anthony and Carolyn Barcellona, 5.003 acres, Donnie Bohannon Farm, $254,000

Raymond, Sue, Dorothy and Benny Yocum Sr. and Ada Green to Horizon Louisville LLC, 1 acre on Buck Creek Pike, $115,000

Donald E. and Bobbie Ann Windhorst to Patrick G. and Jessica L. Giles, 6.91 acres, Tract 3, Windhorst Farm, $85,000

Jagoe Land Corp. to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lot 36, Meadow Glen, Sec. III, $28,460

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Cynthia L. and Paul J. Gordon Sr., Lot 36, Meadow Glen, Sec. III, $175,787

Bethany M. and Joseph A. Gigold to Bethany M. and Joseph A. Gigold, Lot 36, Osprey Cove, Sec. 1, $159,500

Judith and Thomas Thill to Charles M. and Jennie L. Blacey, Tract 5, Sky View Estates, $352,500