Real estate deeds: March 12-21

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Deeds are compiled from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.



March 12-21

Greenman LLC to Dukeville Properties North LLC, Units 3C and 3D, Midland Park Office Condos, $31,000

Michael and Lisa Dunsmore to Gary and Jennifer Smith, Lot 2, Bellwood Estates, $196,500

Frances Coyle and attorney Rebecca Wagstaff to Jim and Amy Perks, Lot 58, Summersfield Place Phase 1, $127,500

Michael and Susan Toadvine to Charles and tina hall, Lot 28, Persimmon Ridge Phase 1A, $460,000

Executor James Jones and Dorothy Murphy Estate to Orlando and Brenda Rodriguez, Park Street, $39,000

John D., Barbara, Donald and John R. Lorenz to Randall and Anya Carnes, Lot 60, Indian Springs Section 6, $70,330

Clifford Todd Revocable Trust, to Dean Malone and Richard Purvis, Tract 9, 24.68 Moonlight Ridge Estates, $505,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Matt and Buffie Holbrook, Lot 107, Persimmon Ridge Phase 4, $273,000

Kirk and Laura Swigert to Ronnie and Beth Sutherland, Tract A2, 5.01 acres, Old Booker Pike Farms, $320,000

Scott Buoy to Jennifer Buoy, Lot 126, North Country Section IV, $180,000

Elizabeth Parker Estate and Administrator Valerie Mitchell to Sams Legacy LLC, Lots 24-25, Hazel Heights, $52,500

Linda and Richard Bolin and Judy and Kenneth Shafar and Darlene Jesse to Alexander Lyn Properties, Lot 43, Highland Manor, $70,000

Callie Walker, and Sandra Walker and Bonnie Walker and Calvin Walker to Calvin and Sandra Walker, Tract 3, Stivers Property on 10th and Clay Streets, $30,000

John and Ann Ruble to David and Patricia Wooters, Tracts 1-2, 2.49 acres and .42 acres, Ruble Farm, $30,000

Kentucky Housing Corp. to Robert and Jennifer Anderson, Tract 12, Burchfield Acres, $58,500

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Michael and Lisa Dunsmore, Lot 123, Rolling Ridge Phase 4, Section 1, $80,100

Kentucky Housing Corp. to Presequity LLC, Lot 2 and partial Lot 3, Maple Heights, $64,600

RCW Properties LLC to Markann Long, Lots 3-4, Ardmore #2, $139,900

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Jeffrey Graeter, Lot 23, Aqua Shores #2, $80,000

Mark and Rebecca Money to Michael and Melanie Adams, Tract 4, 5.29 acres, Floyd Farm, $46,000

JIL Development Company Inc. to Joshua Hasch, Lot 80, Magnolia Place Section II, $232,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Matthew and Rhonda Travis, Lot 268, Cloverbrook Farms, $165,367

PBI Bank Inc. to Stephen and Donna Meador, 541 1st Street, $15,000

Cynthia and David Siemer to Cynthia Siemer and Kayla Fuller, Lot 87 North Country Section IV, $137,500William and Susan Hysinger to WLH Management LLC, Lot 126 Todds Station Phase II, $192,147

Chad and Gina Feger to William and Lois Jarboe, 5.18 acres, Rockbridge Farms II, $30,500

Kay Burk to Burk Properties, 2.283 acres on KY 714, $33,500

Charles and Mary Lou Derringer to Charles & Mary Lou Hoover Derringer Declaration, Lot 158, Town N Country Section VII, $190,000

Charles and Mary Lou Derringer to Charles & Mary Lou Hoover Derringer Declaration, US 60 and Robin Road, $190

Temple Homes Inc. to Donald and Natalie Florence, Lot 12, Dale Place, $195,000

Eva and Jeffery Bentley and Beverly and John Smith and Belinda and Steve Coulter to Stacy Bishop, Lot 62, Summersfield Place Phase 1, $125,500

Christopher Shelton and Christy Puckett to Kelly Samples and Benjamin McNew, 2.09 acres, Flood Road, $152,500

James and Aneva Wells to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc, Lot 8, Brassfield Section 1, $227,500

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc to Mary and Jeffrey Bracken, Lot 8, Brassfield Section 1, $217,500

Jagoe Homes Inc to Steven and Elisabeth Goodner, Lot 51, Meadow Glen Section III, $222,400

Miles Threlkeld to AKL Custom Homes LLC, Lot 5, Threlkeld Property, $24,000

John and Tia Gowers to James Lewis and Holly Brunson, Lot 43, Woodfield Section III, $180,000

SG Realty LLC to Hite Management LLC, Tract 8, Residential Property on Baker Farm, $169,000

John and Ann Ruble to mar gonad and Robert Chandler, Tract B, .002 acres, Ruble Farm, $100

Margaret Sheets to Eddie and Beverly Sheets and Joseph and Kelli Sheets, 96 acres, Beechridge Pike, $151,900

Doris Dempsey to Simpsonville Enterprises, .57 acres, US 60, $375,000

John and Peggy Foster to Simpsonville Enterprises, .46 acres, US 60, $350,000

First Famers Bank & Capital Trust Company to Jeffrey Rein, Lot 44, Reserves at Todds Station, $217,000

John Marcum to Laura Marcum, Tract 2, Bowles Estate on Washburn Road, $70,000

Equestrian Estates and Randall Stivers and Frank Kees and Jeff and Robin Reynolds to Mark and Rhonda Edwards, Lot 4, 5 acres Eugene Rutledge Farm Tract 5 Equestrian Estates, $180,000