Real estate deeds: June 2-June 4

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Deeds are compiled from data posted on the Shelby County Clerk’s Web site. Property descriptions are based on the best available information provided in the database and may in fact refer to property and thoroughfares no longer formally identified. Financial terms include any value of the property stated on the deed, even if that amount did not change hands.

June 2-4

Trustee Lynne Bowman and Alice Barnett Living Trust to Trustee Karen Foxworth and Alice Barnett Exempt Trust and Lynne Bowman, Lots 58-62 and partial lot 63 Block A Grandview 2 lots Bagdad, $296,200

Persimmon Tree Realty Inc. to Tommy and Donna Hiltzman, Lot 24 Overlokk at Persimmon Ridge, $100,000

Michael and Andrea Garcia to Landon and Amy Nicholson, Lot 78 Todds Station Phase 2, $186,000

Michael McCauley to Michael McCauley and Cereise Snyder, Tract 6, 7.07 acres Forest A & Catherine Robinson Trust Section II, $62,700

Community Trust Bank Inc. to Jeffrey and Debbie Webb, Tract 5C, 15.033 acres, Hiter Farm No. 1, $140,000

Trustee Gary Helbig and Trustee Carol Helbig and Carol Helbig Revocable Trust and Gary Helbig Revocable Trust to Rafael Pena and Maria Aguilar De Pena, Lot 7 Orchard Crossing, $103,000

Edward and Gail Howser to Stephen and Tammy Kaelin, Tract 2, 5.02 acres Reynolds Farm, $275,000

William Sr. and Martha Smith to William r. and Martha Smith and William Smith Jr. and Kile Nave, Lot 4, 5.01 acres, Overlook at Persimmon Ridge, $100,000

Patty Clemmons to Trustee David Clemmons and David Willis Clemmons Revocable Living Trust and Donna Taylor, Tract 2A Clemmons Sell off, 5.01 Acres, Tract 2B Clemmons Sell Off, 19.46 acres, $275,000

Woodfield Inc to AKL Custom Homes, Lot 20 Meadowbrook Section III Phase III, $27,000

Fairway Crossing LLC to AKL Custom Homes LLC, Lot 47 Fairway Crossing Section 4, $41,000

Dogwood Homes of Kentucky LLC to Anthony Hargan and Shelby Bliss, Lot 94 Highlands at Summersfield Section 1, $145,000

Superior Builders Inc. to Traylor Family Partnership LLC, Lots 2A and 2B Reserve at Twin Springs, $25,000

TS 2010 LLC and Twin Springs 2010 LLC to Superior Builders Inc, Lots 16A and 16B Reserve at Twin Springs, $25,000

Superior Builders Inc. to Traylor Family Partnership, Lots 16A and 16B Reserve at Twin Springs, $25,000

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to William Windsor, Tract 11, 5 acres, First Farm No. 2, $212,000

Stephen and Vicki Ledford to Brandon and Allison Riggs, Lot 79 Midland Estates Section IV, $100,000

Station Pointe Development LLC to Christina and Lee Donaldson, Tract 2, 5.73 acres, Henry Veech Road Farms, $273,500

WishIHadAFarm LLC to Christianburg LLC, 56.510 acres Christianburg Road, $412,000

B Developed LLC to Dallas and Patricia Burgin, Lot 191 Bridlewood Estates Section 3, $150,000

Donald Hamilton Inc. to Joseph Heinrichs, Lot 6A Reserve at Twin Springs, $165,500

Larry and Debra Orsborn to Larry and Debra Orsborn, Lot 18 Creekside Village Phase 1, $171,200

Elihazar and Maria Hinojosa to Kendall Law and Ashley Hamsher, Lot 65 Magnolia Place Section 1, $323,000

Derrick and Samantha Griffitts to Derrick and Samantha Griffitts, Lot 57 North Country Section III, $140,000

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Kenneth Lombart, Lot 196 Cloverbrook Farms Phase 1, Section 3, $185,131

Summersfield Place LLC to Dogwood Homes of Kentucky LLC, Lot 122 Summersfield Place Phase 1, $28,160


June 5-12

Kay Wilborn to Commonwealth of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Department of Highways, property on KY 1848, considerations

Kay Wilborn to Stephen Wilborn, property on KY 1848 and U.S. 60, considerations

Debra Miller and Debra Aldridge and Kevin Miller to John Jr. and Cassandra Butler, Lot 52 Weissinger Estates Section 2, $248,000

Bobby Thornton to Marcia Cotner, Lot 33 Station Pointe Phase 1, $213,500

Norman and Barbara Allgeier to Gilbert and Kelly Ingram, Tract 6, 5.088 acres High Field, $212,500

Lacey and Kyle Samples and Lacey Lamon to Josh and Krystina Johnson, Lot 84 Summersfield Place Phase 1, $144,000

Ruth McCardwell Estate and Executors Pamela Holbrook and Sandra Goodlett to Trustee Sandra Goodlett and Ruth McCarwell Revocable Trust, 5.78 acres and 5.06 acres on Long Run and Flat Rock roads, $345,000

Gilbert and Sue Haydon to Ronald Haydon, property on Frankfort Road in Clayvillage, $40,000

Anna Warren Boone Estate and Executors Vivian Overall and Jennifer Tinsley, property on Clay Street between 10th and 11th streets, $60,000

JCW Group LLC to John Beville, Lot 63, Section 6 Indian Springs, $422,250

Mary Baker and Mary Cope and Attorney in Fact Rose Baker to Allison Griffith and Margaret Griffith, 6.618 acres CAB No. 6 SL No. 153, $160,000

Felicia Heightchew to Steve and Pamela Mathus, Lot 30 Bonniemere No. 1, $133,500

Bedford Loan & Deposit Bank to RL Home Services Inc. Lot 3 Saddle Creek Farms, $80,000

Joseph and Paula Cornelius to Allen Huber, Tract 2, 5 acres, Saunders Farm, $217,000

Mark Pearce to Mark Pearce, Tract A 5.02 acres, Pearce Farm, $220,000

Nathanael and Erin Reed to NRAK Investments LLC, East Side Roberts Road Hazel Lawn Subdivision, $331,500

Fairway Crossing LLC to Donald and Charlotte Bryant, Lot 24 Fairway Crossing Section 3, $34,000

Bruce and Hazelle Stansbury to Hazelle Stansbury Living Trust and Bruce Stansbury Living Trust and Trustees Bruce and Hazelle Stansbury, Tract 3 Duvall Farm, $650,000

Robert and Pamela Fetherston to Candace Riley, Lot 9 Cedarmore Ravine, 6.05 acres, $27,500

James Phifer and Patti Eubanks and Patti Phifer to Jerry Legrand and Lori Nation, Tract 1 22.925 acres and Tract 2 8.3 acres, Bennett Property divided, $1,400,000

Beverly Coots to John and Marcelline Coots, Tract 14A 5.006 acres Brunerstown Farms, $38,000

William and Patricia Tucker to Trustees William and Patricia Tucker and William & Patricia Tucker Living Trust, Lot 56 Brentwood Unit 2, $315,000

Susan Murphy to Susan Murphy, Tract 7 Brook View Estates, $35,000

Elizabeth Terhune Estate and Executor Dru Terhune and Levi Terhune and Ashley Terhune to Trustee Levi Terhune and Terhune Family Trust, 97.6 acres on Terhune Lane, $145,500

Michael Meinze to William and Patricia Leenerts, 17.98 acres on KY 53/Mount Eden Road, $355,000

Richard Yeary to Deborah Yeary, Lot 25 Hi Point Village Phase 1, $130,000

Woodfield Inc to Clyde and Barbara McAdams, Lots 12-13 Old Mill Village Section III, $80,000

Donna Breeden to Reginald Breeden, 2942 Waddy Road, considerations